F-35 Pilot Unveils the Reason Why It’s the Best Fighter in the World!

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Forget about Captain Kirk and his cloaking device for the Enterprise or even the Iron Man 3’s cloaking suit, ‘Sneaky’. The U.S. Air Force’s F-35 puts them both to shame. This little beauty should keep any of our enemies up at night, including Kim Jong-Un.

The F-35 gives the U.S. military the ability to detect enemy aircraft and other threats far beyond current ranges, allowing the jets to strike targets and disappear long before they are detected. The U.S. Air Force had originally planned to buy about 1700 F-35A conventional takeoff and landing jets in the coming years which would give us the largest F-35 fleet in the world.
H/T Conservative Tribune:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has promised to sink an American aircraft carrier and turn the White House into ashes. His ability to do that with his tin-can military is extremely dubious — especially when you consider we have a weapon he won’t be able to see.

The F-35 is the newest addition to America’s aerial arsenal, and it’s quite the doozy. The fighter, produced by Lockheed Martin, has the same performance as other fighters in terms of speed, turning and range, according to Business Insider. But where it really excels is in the area of stealth.

“What the public doesn’t realize is how dominant the difference in information is,” said retired U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Dan Flatley in a Business Insider interview.

Flatley has flown the F-35 and even helped design the curriculum for training pilots. He talked about the “crushing psychological effect” that stealth aircraft can have. Doing a training exercise in the non-stealth F/A-18 Hornet, he was faced with trying to locate the stealth F-22 Raptor.

“I remember indelibly the moment in which the AWAC (airborne early warning and control plane) called out to me that there was a Raptor in front of me at very close range that made me uncomfortable,” Flatley said. “I had no way of targeting him, no way of defending myself.”

Flatley said that with the new stealth jet, other planes “may have a general idea that there’s an F-35 out there, but they don’t know exactly where we are.”

“Everything they see becomes the F-35 out there,” said Flatley. “Every radar hit, every communication is about the stealth jet. They want to illuminate or eliminate a threat they can’t handle.”

And it’s not just that other fighters can’t see the F-35 — it’s that the F-35 can see almost anything. Business Insider says the plane “features six cameras stationed around the jet and a helmet display that allows pilots to literally look through the jet as if it wasn’t there. It features the only infrared radar on a US fighter since the F-14, and uses unprecedented sensor-fusion capabilities to paint an incredibly vivid picture of its surroundings for miles out.”

Although the F-35 has become controversial because of its cost overruns — according to The New York Times, Flatley argues that it’s worth it. He says even capable enemy pilots will be stymied by the new plane.

The F-35 is AWESOME!

It looks like a spaceship, has a top speed of Mach 1.6, can carry 18,000 pounds (8,182 kilograms) of ordnance, lands vertically and has one of the most advanced stealth systems in the world. That should help keep a few of our enemies at bay.

The F-35 also has an electronic system that is said to be the ‘internet of the sky’ – putting all information collected by every aircraft in the area into one complete picture. Then, it has the abiltiy to relay that collected information to the troops on the ground. Talk about the information being available in ‘real time’.

The F-35 will bring a whole new meaning to the ‘cat and mouse game’ of fighters and targets. Talk about air superiority. The stealth F-35 is certainly a milestone in technology for the U.S. Air Force.

It brings the days of Captain Kirk and the cloaking device of the Enterprise or Iron Man 3’s ‘Sneaky’ to life in the present day.

Lockheed is building three models of the F-35 Lightning II for the U.S. military and 10 countries that have already ordered the jets: Britain, Australia, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, South Korea and Japan.

The F-35 may have had some production issues and be a little pricey, but it is AWESOME to say the least!

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