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EXPLOSIVE! Hillary Threatened Bangladesh PM’s Son with IRS to Protect Foundation Donor!


Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatened the Bangladeshi prime minister’s son in 2012 with an IRS audit in an attempt to stop a financial mismanagement investigation into Grameen Bank managed by a Clinton Foundation donor!

At the time, Clinton Foundation donor Muhammad Yunus was serving as managing director of the bank.

Yunus was one of the people cited in an AP report in August during the presidential campaign that said more than half the people outside the government who met with Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money to the Clinton Foundation.

At the time the Clinton campaign criticized the report as misleading and unfair, emphasizing that for many of the people on the list their importance was the reason for the meetings and not their contribution to the Clinton Foundation.

This latest evidence of Hillary Clinton’s corruption is horrific! And she dares question Trump’s non-collusion with Russia?

“Hillary Clinton phoned me and exerted the same pressure. Even the U.S. State Department summoned my son Joy three times and told him that we would face trouble,”

I think we should send her to Bangladesh to face their justice system!

The Daily Caller reports:

A Bangladesh government commission was investigating multiple charges of financial mismanagement at Grameen Bank, beginning in May 2012. Muhammad Yunus, a major Clinton Foundation donor, served as managing director of the bank.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, son of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and permanent U.S. resident, recalled the account of the threatened IRS audit to TheDCNF. The allegations mark the first known instance in the U.S. that Clinton’s Department of State used IRS power to intimidate a close relative of a friendly nation’s head of state on behalf of a Clinton Foundation donor.

Wazed told TheDCNF it was “astounding and mind boggling” that senior State Department officials between 2010 and 2012 repeatedly pressured him to influence his mother to drop the commission investigation.

The commission report was released in early 2013.

“They threatened me with the possibility of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service,” he said. “I have been here legally for 17 years and never had a problem. But they said, ‘well, you know, you might get audited.’”

“They would say over and over again, ‘Yunus has powerful friends’ and we all knew they were talking of Secretary Clinton. Everybody knew it was Mrs. Clinton,” Wazed told TheDCNF.

The Prime Minister originally disclosed in general terms the pressure exerted on her son at a February reception in Munich.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said her son Sajeeb Wazed Joy had to face pressure from the US State Department to keep Muhammad Yunus as the Grameen Bank managing director,” the Dhaka Tribune reported.

“Hillary Clinton phoned me and exerted the same pressure. Even the U.S. State Department summoned my son Joy three times and told him that we would face trouble,” Hasina added.

Bill Clinton was known as the Comeback Kid and the Teflon Candidate. But was that a reflection on him, or society? How do we let these public SERVANTS get away with…literally murder… and stay in power?

Hillary should be put away for 3 lifetimes. We have so many crooked politicians and society just lets them keep going. No one is paying attention and no one cares. Sad!





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