EXPLOSIVE: 12 Texas State Representatives Accused of Fraud!

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Last week, 12 elected Texas State Representatives signed on to a bill AFTER it was already dead in order to feign support that was actually not there… so that they could lie to their constituents back home. They had not supported the bill before it was dead.

In other words, hoping not to get caught not supporting, they lied. They signed on to the Church Security Bill AFTER it was very clear that it would never even reach the floor due to the game-playing by House Speaker Joe Strauss.

The Church Security Bill, HB 421,  is the bill that would allow churches to protect themselves, without hiring an outside private security force. Many small churches do not have the money to hire a security firm in order to protect it’s congregants.

Now they intend to fraudulently go back home and tell their constituents that they supported it but that… “We just could not get it passed”.

But the Texas Grassroots are not having one bit of it! They are crying foul and yelling it loudly… en masse!

And THIS is just ONE of the bills they have done this with. To keep it simple we will just cover the Church Security Bill and the 12 morons who are lying to those who elected them. There are other dead bills and other Representatives signing on to them. We will save that for another story.

Tarrant County Tea Party President, Julie White McCarty explains on Facebook:

Sometimes bad State Reps make it so easy to campaign against them! You know what they’re doing now? Signing on to conservative bills that are already dead! This way they can tell their constituents that they supported it, but gosh darn it, it just didn’t pass. Of course if they’d all signed on BEFORE the bill died, well, it wouldn’t have died. All games. Games that will be exposed. Big dummies.

Naming names…

HB 421 – Church Security Bill
Representative / Date signed on AFTER the bill died.

Rep. Smithee, John T. District 86 5/10/2017

Rep. Roberts, Kevin District 126 5/9/2017

Rep. Kacal, Kyle District 12 5/8/2017

Rep. Springer, Drew District 68 5/8/2017

Rep. Button, Angie Chen District 11 25/5/2017

Rep. Simmons, Ron District 65 5/5/2017

Rep. Bonnen, Dennis District 25 5/2/2017

Rep. Ashby, Trent District 57 5/1/2017

Rep. Darby, Drew District 72 5/1/2017

Rep. Bonnen, Greg District 24 4/28/2017

Rep. Miller, Rick District 26 4/28/2017

Rep. Clardy, Travis District 11 4/26/2017

FRAUD is when a person intends to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

The Texas grassroots leadership is making it very clear that come election time, this fraud will be exposed. The topic has become a huge discussion in the most active constituents around the states and I expect that this fraudulent game will not work.

State Director at Concerned Women for America of Texas, Dana Waller Hodges: “Attention State Reps…you should be aware that the TLO website logs the date you sign onto a bill. If you’re jumping on a dead conservative House bill at this point in hopes of using it as a campaign tool, think again. I will call you out on it during your campaign if you attempt that nonsense. Next time, do it the right way and support it early on when you’re asked…that is, if you’re around next time.”

These Representatives should be absolutely ashamed of their behavior. It is dishonest, and it is a bad reflection on their parents of whom we know taught them better.


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