Dentist IMPRISONED After People Discover What He’s Putting In Their Mouth- “That Smells Like…”

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This just goes to show that it does not matter in what position or title someone holds, you can never just freely give our your trust in their services. This is disgusting, and hard to believe. A North Carolina dentist is now pleading guilty to charges that are going to have you vomiting in your mouth a little.

He is being charged with injecting semen into his patients mouths. Reportedly now he is even trying despite all this happening to open a new clinic in Belize. Dr. John Hall is his name and it has been discovered that he has a history of injecting his own semen into the mouths of his female patients. In a report he even is recorded as telling a patient that he was “going to put something in her mouth that would taste funny, but it would stop the bleeding”

Two of Hall’s employee began investigating and even collecting syringes after they overheard a patient object to the foreign fluid on stating that it “smelled like sperm” Folks…this is real. It actually happened.

One woman that showed up to the court case said that Hall once approached her while in the dental chair and even began to “gyrate against her lower body in a sexual manner.” How he explained that one, I do not want to know. This is all just far too much ‘GROSS’ to even process.

Hall has pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual assault and spent four months in jail. Thankfully, his dental license was revoked, and now he has to start from the bottom again. However this time, with a criminal record. That’s not going to be easy for him, hindsight is going to kill him on this one.

After he was released he relocated to Belize, where he is trying to set up a new clinic, somehow. He has recently even ran an ad in teh San Pedro Sun in search of a dental assistant! Several other ads relating to the launch of a new dental clinic followed that one as well. Tamara Sniffin, who is the editor of the San Pedro Sun was quick to become suspicious of Hall and launched an investigation into his past herself.

“I went to the San Pedro Police Department, armed with a folder full of printed articles and info on the deviant, disgusting behavior of Dr. Hall,” Sniffin told Vice. “There was no way in hell I was going to let that pervert touch one person on this island and I thank those who brought it to our attention and worked with us on shutting this creep down.”

Hall was arrested but posted bail, only to publish a 1,400-word manifesto denying his crimes and maintaining his innocence.

“I never thought I would be ridiculed, cussed at, and made fun of with harmful threats to me and my dog based on assumptions instead of facts,” Hall wrote. “When I was accused of a disgusting and absurd action of placing semen in patient’s mouths. I did not do what I was accused of doing!”

His original trouble started in 2005, after which there was a period of quiet until all this happened again. Once wasn’t enough for him I guess? Where to go from here when you’ve dug a hole so deep you cannot get out like this man with a sickness has?

He needs to stop trying to “fix” people’s teeth, and he needs to start putting time into fixing his head.

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