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Democrat Corruption Trial: Congresswoman Corrine Brown Used Charity Funds For Daughter’s $750 Birthday Cake


You will not believe this insane story that has come out during a corruption trial for Florida Democrat Corrine Brown.

The trial for the corrupt Democrat from Florida is now underway. Some astounding details have already come out about Brown’s lavish spending. If found guilty of all counts, Brown could be sentenced to 357 years in prison, and $4.8M in fines.

The latest is that the former Congresswoman used $750 from a bogus charity to buy her daughter a $10 birthday cake. The woman was outta control!

Democrat Corruption Trial: Congresswoman Corrine Brown Used Charity Funds For Daughter’s $750 Birthday Cake

First Coast News reports:

FBI testimony continues in Corrine Brown corruption trial; One Door finances outlined

Testimony got underway early Thursday morning in the first full day of witness testimony in the corruption case against former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown at the federal courthouse downtown.

FBI Special Agent Vanessa Stelly continued her testimony from Wednesday as the prosecution laid out their version of the facts in the case, continuing to look through Brown’s and her former chief of staff Ronnie Simmons’ bank records from 2012 – 2015. The pair is accused of raising money for a bogus charity and using that money to enrich themselves…

Stelly’s testimony continued for some time as she showed and explained several letters and flyers advertising One Door for Education and soliciting various donation amounts – one asking for $5,000 for a single event. She detailed how One Door paid $330,000 for several of Brown’s events, from bus trips for seniors to President Obama’s second inauguration to a golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass.

At a Marriott reception in 2014 in D.C., Stelly showed the court records and pictures of a $750 birthday cake for Brown’s daughter, Shantrel, as well as a drink called the ‘Queen Corrine,’ which was a strawberry bellini with sugar on the rim. It cost $10.

Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown faces 22 federal counts related to conspiracy to defraud via what prosecutors call a fake charity: “One Door for Education.” Those charges include conspiracy to commit and aiding and abetting wire and mail fraud, and fraudulent filing of federal tax returns.

The latest other insanities:

Brown gave the church $50 in 2013, but claimed $2,500 on her taxes.

In 2014, Brown gave no money, yet deducted $2,500.

Brown’s defense: that a certain, undetermined amount of money could have been doled out during “altar call” donations, without an envelope or identifiable markings – constituting “anonymous giving.”

April Green, financial officer of Bethel Baptist Church (whose pastor is one of Brown’s closest allies), continued the trend, discussing claimed Brown donations from 2012-2014.

Brown donated $3,700 in 2012, but claimed $3,980 to the IRS.

In 2013, Brown gave $3,445, but claimed $6,100.

2014 saw Brown donate $4,378. She claimed $7,200.

The prosecution wrapped with IRS Special Agent Shawn Batsch, who specializes in money laundering cases, and currently runs the Tampa field office.

Batsch produced a record of cash deposits Brown made from 2009 to 2014. These totaled $141,905 over the six-year timeframe. The money was sourced back to Brown’s campaign account, One Door, and various businesses of Jacksonville cronies, including Von Alexander and Reggie Gaffney.

Not all monies could be sourced. Some of the deposits were very substantial, such as $7,000 cash drops early in Jan. 2009 and 2010.

It goes on and on. I have never seen such blatant corruption. This woman can have no conscience. Everything she has done has been crooked! Sad!

Hope she goes away for a very long time.



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