CHAOS! Texas Democrat Threatened the Life of Republican Representative on Statehouse Floor!

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Texas Democrat, State Representative Poncho Nevarez, threatened to “get” fellow Representative Matt Rinaldi (R) “on the way to his car” during an altercation on the House floor Monday.

The incident happened as illegal immigrants were protesting the removal of sanctuary cities from inside the statehouse.

They had gathered at the Capitol to protest SB-4, more commonly known as the “sanctuary cities bill”.

Rinaldi had mentioned that he had called ICE as some of the protestors were bragging that they were in the country illegally.

Texas Democrat, Rep Poncho Nevarez, threatened to "get" Rep Matt Rinaldi (R) "on the way to his car" during an altercation on the house floor Monday.

The protesters, holding signs declaring that they were illegally in the country, were disrupting house proceedings.

Democrat lawmakers surrounded and hurled insults at Rep. Rinaldi. After Nevarez threatened his life, Rinaldi let him know he will be carrying his weapon and was not afraid to defend himself.

The illegal protesters had knocked an older DPS officer down the stairs and were waving Mexican flags in the Texas House? The protesters had also required every DPS officer to get them forced out of the gallery, leaving the State Reps unprotected on the House floor.

Dozens of Democrat State Reps physically ganged up on about a dozen Republicans, making threats and hurling insults.

In a Facebook post on his official Facebook page, Rinaldi stated that Nevarez threatened his life after he threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers about protesters in the House Gallery who were holding signs saying “I am legal and here to stay.” Texas Department of Public Safety troopers removed the protesters after they became disruptive. Rinaldi claimed he called ICE after “Several Democrats encouraged the protestors to disobey law enforcement.”

CHAOS! Texas Democrat Threatened the Life of Republican Representative on Statehouse Floor!

While the Democrat members tried to spin the story around Rinaldi’s gun remarks, supporters of the Representative were out in force defending him.

Fellow State Rep. Pat Fallon posted:

“UGLY INCIDENT ON THE LAST DAY ON THE HOUSE FLOOR. Many Dems surrounded Rep Matt Rinaldi & began hurling insults & threats because he dared to comment on the unruly protest that had erupted in the gallery. I immediately stepped in at his side to chastise members who chose to abandon decorum and replace it with school yard bullying.”

The Texas Legislature was in the final day of its 2017 session.

The Texas legislature meets only every other year to conduct the State’s business.

This session had seen the passage of the historic, but emotional legislation relating to prohibiting sanctuary cities in Texas.

The law prohibits sheriff’s and police chiefs from forbidding their officers from asking about immigration status. The law becomes effective on September 1, 2017. The bill provides civil fines and criminal penalties to law enforcement officials who choose to ignore immigration authorities.

The law, makes sure the LAW, does not ignore the LAW! Pretty simple actually.

Texas love’s her immigrants.

But in order to be an immigrant, one must come in the door legally.

If you are not here legally, you cannot fully enjoy the greatness!

Come through the door, not the window.

We are a nation of laws. Those laws must be enforced. As the left encourages people coming in to be lawbreakers, they breed more law breakers. That doesn’t help anyone.

It especially does not help those who want to come here to enjoy the American dream.

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