BREAKING: Judge SLAMS CNN For Running ‘FAKE NEWS’ Story- Anderson Cooper Is BUSTED!

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This is HUGE! Fake news central otherwise known as CNN is getting the hammer dropped on them. At least this is true for one of their more popular anchors. Anderson Cooper is now being SLAMMED with a defamation lawsuit, and get this…it’s by a judge in Florida! There as action made to have it thrown out of court and this judges is refusing to allow that to happen.

The plaintiff in the case is Dr. Michael Back who is a heart surgeon that operates out of St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida. Black is claiming that Cooper’s show, Anderson Cooper 360, knowingly sensationalized a story to intentionally grab ratings. He states they did this despite the evidence presenting that it was a false story.

Cooper’s show reported that infants who died after heart surgery at Black’s hospital was 12.5 percent, which is calculated to be 3 times the national average. The network then ran a sensationalized headline accusing Black of using “babies as sacrificial lambs” and being a “total mess with newborn babies.”

However, according to Black this is false. He says that CNN’s mortality calculations were a “fundamentally flawed pseudo-statistical analysis.” He also believes that CNN’s goal was “to manufacture an outrageous, headline-grabbing story about an incompetent, dishonest and inexperienced doctor leading a surgical program in crisis and recklessly operating on young children to profit at the expense of those children’s lives.”

Even the CEO of St. Mary’s stepped in to defend Black, arguing that CNN did in fact only account for a portion of the heart surgeries, thereby not releasing an accurate statistical representation.

Black is claiming he told the network’s producers that his hospital’s mortality rate was about the same as the national average, which is 3.5 percent.

“CNN recklessly — and repeatedly — ignored information demonstrating the absolute falsity of their claims about Dr. Black and the surgical program he led, and deliberately manipulated statistics to fit their predetermined conclusion about the quality of care provided by Dr. Black and St. Mary’s,” said Libby Locke, one of Black’s attorneys.

The CNN report sent St. Mary’s reeling and was the death knell for the pediatric cardiac program. Also in August, the hospital’s CEO, Davide Carbone, resigned.

Black and the hospital have been named in at least two malpractice lawsuits filed by parents of babies who died following heart surgery by the doctor.

The lawsuit also claims the mother of a patient for a rival surgeon at Nicklaus embarked on a three-year mission to discredit Black.

Kelly Robinson of Jupiter Farms contacted patients and nurses on numerous occasions, telling them that Black “kills babies” and leaves them “butchered” and “mangled,” according to the lawsuit.

Robinson, a so-called “heart mom,” appears in the lead of CNN’s June 1 story as an unnamed stranger in an elevator, warning a couple to have their heart-sick infant transferred from St. Mary’s.

Despite all the evidence showing in favor of Black, the case was in danger of being thrown out. However, CNN and Anderson Cooper are not going to get away that easily and the case is going to court thanks to this judge in Florida.

Let the proceedings begin! Do you think this is a decent sized step towards ousting CNN for the slimy liars they are?

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