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BREAKING: Climate Change Alarmists FORCED To Postpone HUGE Rally…Because Of SNOWSTORM!


Okay sometimes hilarious things can also be frustrating when it comes to ignorant people who have surpassed their competence levels…

I’m talking about the climate change alarmists who feel like the sky is falling, and the world is going to end at the hands of man. You know, those people that think THEY can control what happens to God’s creation…yes, them.

This was quite unexpected, but as mentioned earlier…hilarious.

So get this, a mid-spring snowstorm in Colorado hit over the weekend and it was exactly what the Climate Change Protesters were fearing would happen. They had hoped that they could push their political agenda and sky is falling fears further down everyone throats with a huge rally planned to bring awareness to …. DUN DUN DUNNNNN… “global warming” as well as “climate change” and furthermore wanted to make sure they talk about Trump’s administration’s policies that are ‘seeming’ to cause further chaos all over the world over these fears.

However, this “big huge important life changing” event was postponed until Sunday.

You see, the rally march was suppose to be on Saturday but they cancelled it due to the weather forecasters expected heavy SNOWFALL and blizzard-like conditions. Now, it turned out that here was actually only a few inches of snow that fell, but that far more than a foot did fall in other parts of the state and around it.

Look what these hypocrites said about it…totally oblivious to the shame they should have been hiding under.

“Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball! We know we aren’t in the business of risking anyone’s safety. Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow,” one local climate change organization had to release.

The rally and march was instead just moved to Sunday afternoon.

The freezing weather and snow in Denver, however, couldn’t put off the rally that took place where photos of a snowman had made hilarious rounds on Twitter.

Oh, and don’t forget this most iconic and wise sign…As well as the freezing backdrop:

You should know that this “People’s Climate March” is what this NATIONAL event was named. It was supported by hundreds of thousands across the country and tens of thousands just in Washington alone.

Now..get this, guess who sponsored the events?

Yes. Environmental groups, labor unions and social justice groups. So the participates in the rally were the natural enemies to logic and reason. The worst of the bunch being… Charlatan, former Vice President Al Gore, and of course…everyone’s favorite OUTED fake climate alarmist, and Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sorry fellas… if the world is going to continue to get holes in it, and burn up like a crispy piece of bacon then it will, under God’s terms and in God’s timing…not yours. How dare you even consider you have such power in the first place.


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