BREAKING: Another Major Scandal Rocks the DNC! Hypocrites!

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As always, the DNC does not walk the talk and a plethora of it’s employees have now have filed a lawsuit to hold them accountable to make them practice what they preach.

Dozens of field workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee. They are claiming the party that is pushing employers to pay a $15 minimum wage and more in overtime… failed to pay overtime and minimum wages to its own employees.

What? It doesn’t surprise us! Their mantra is always that women earn less and minimum wage is not enough. Yet Hillary and Obama both paid women less and minimum wage when they could. Hypocrites!

BREAKING: Another Major Scandal Rocks the DNC! Hypocrites!

Justin Swidler, the attorney representing the field workers, argued the DNC failed to pay workers a minimum wage. The party also denied them overtime compensation. Swidler said, “the lawsuit seeks ‘fair pay for fair work,’ and holding the Democratic Party to the very ideals that it embraces,” according to CBS Philly.

The Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has paid out nearly a million dollars to staff members, and local institutions, from leftover money it raised to stage the event.

But, dozens of people who worked in the field elsewhere in the country for Democrats feel shortchanged and are now part of a class action federal lawsuit. The bonuses ranged from $500 for interns to more than $300,000 for the executive director.

“I think everyone’s reaction is the same. It’s obscene,” says Justin Swidler, a Cherry Hill-based attorney.

Swidler is pursuing a lawsuit on behalf of 40-to-50 “field organizers” all over the country, whom he says were denied overtime compensation.

“One of the arguments that the Democrats are making is that they just don’t have the money to pay overtime to their workers,” said Swidler.

The named defendants are the Democratic National Committee, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and five more state party organizations.

“These workers were out there in a campaign that was promising $15 an hour minimum wage, and expanding the overtime rights of workers,” Swidler said.

At least Gov. Ed Rendell, the Chairman of the Democratic National Convention Host Committee in Philadelphia, was honest up front. He told workers before they were hired that they would receive substandard pay.

…and they went ahead and took the job anyway? Why was there no outrage at that point? The DNC is not a small mom and pop organization getting started and needing help getting off the ground. I would have told Rendell off right then and there!

These activists dedicated 80-90 hour work weeks in the heat of the campaign! How DARE the DNC treat them like this! Especially when they are forcing businesses to ante up to an uncalled for pay for low wage jobs!

All this is happening even as the DNC deals with a lawsuit over their primary process, which they argue was not fraudulent on the grounds that they have no legal obligation to treat candidates fairly. Get that folks! The liberal, “everything has to be fair” has flown the coop!


The left wing of the Democratic coalition has a growing list of grievances against the party establishment. They are in chaos. The DNC cheated and mistreated Bernie Sanders. They gave it’s most ardent helpers peanuts. They lost the White House. What a mess… TSK…TSK..!

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