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BOOM! ANTIFA Punk Tries To BURN American Flag, Then Trump Biker Steps Up… [WATCH]


Who the heck is Antifa? Well, in short…a bunch of brainless zombies that crave destruction, breed liberal intolerance, and also happen to be the scum of the earth.

The long definition? According to them, they are self-described anarchists, radical left-wing thugs who employ violence and like to use intimidation to advance their beliefs.

As you may have already heard, they’ve shown up at previous Berkeley riots, to shut down a “free speech” event that was being hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos. In their wake they left behind damaged property, fires, and assault victims. Again at a March 4th Trump event, they violently disrupted.

However, for some reason when it comes to mainstream media, you just don’t hear much ANTIFA as you do the Alt-Right. Of course.

Even more disgusting, there are some outlets offering outright praise for the dirtbags known as Antifa.

Ask Esquire magazine and Antifa rioters are noble, anti-racist counter demonstrators — a sort of Justice League vigilante group dedicated to shutting down fascist protests.

But this is a radical movement that traces its roots back to World War II, as Mother Jones recounts in “The long history of ‘Nazi punching.’” They employ so-called “righteous violence” against what they consider to be the forces of fascism. What “fascism” is nowadays seems to be a subjective definition belonging to whichever particular Antifa thugs show up en force.

One might say Antifa’s violent tactics, employed around the world, are fascist.

Right now, the rise of Antifa-driven fools and riots are on the rise, and it’s all due to the effort from the left to silence President Trump and ALL his supporters, and to do so by any means.

All they live to do is show up at right-wing demonstrations to breed chaos, destruction, and even bloodshed.

Antifa radicals hate symbols of America.

And the flag is the number one symbol to attack.

It’s so obnoxious, annoying, and disrespectful… and really just makes you want to punch them in the face. However, we are conservatives, we use our words and our brains. Unlike them…

From Conservative Tribune:

Over the weekend, conservatives and free speech advocates organized a peaceful parade in Oregon. When the militant leftist antifa types got wind of march, however, they reportedly began assaulting Trump supporters and snatched phones from the hands of rally participants.

One of the most heated incidents happened when a male leftist demonstrator dressed as a woman began to burn an American flag while protesters cheered.

One of the bikers successfully managed to grab the flag from the leftist demonstrator, who then yelled, “That’s my property!”

But if you’re a Communist, you don’t really believe in the concept of property do you? Aren’t you supposed to believe in sharing? Sounds pretty selfish to me.

The demonstrator tries to light another flag on fire but apparently was unsuccessful.

The common element in a lot of these antifa and leftist protesters is they seem perpetually angry, twisted and unhappy.

They always believe everyone is doing them ill and their rights or feelings trump everything and everyone else.

They have such hatred for the symbols of America, like the flag, because America is not somehow assuaging their angst.

Anarchy and communism appeals to them because anarchy allows the destruction of the symbols they hate and communism is an amorphous goal that promises, “If only this, you would then be fulfilled and satisfied.” Just forget about the millions killed as a result.

Of course, maybe instead of dressing in black and randomly setting flags on fire in the street that do nothing, they could actually work to achieve goals that would in fact satisfy them and perhaps even help others.

Silly leftists…

One day when you wake up and see the destruction you have caused our great nation… I hope you choke on it a little.


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