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BIZARRE Moment Naked Lady Walks Through Airport Terminal To Show Everyone Her…


OH NO SHE DIDN’T! A bizarre moment when a woman walked through the terminal inside Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport… And when I say walked through the terminal, I mean walked BUTT NAKED!!

One may ask themselves, why would you walk NAKED through an airport?

She might as well have said BOMB ON A PLANE!! This woman has no shame, no brain, either way she is crazy enough to buy a ticket with cash just to shed her clothes and strut around the airport terminal stopping just to show off her dairy air every so often.

Needless to say, the travelers that day got way more than they paid for and a lifetime of violating images.

This took place Friday afternoon inside Terminal B where hundreds of Delta Airlines’ flights arrive and depart daily.

A video and pictures were shared on social media showing the woman wandering by many travelers completely nude.

While strolling down the aisle way passing other civilians trying to get to their terminals, she shouts “whew Jesus”, and bends over while grabbing her butt cheeks.

As she continues to shout “Hey every f****** body, look at how f***ed up my p**** is and I don’t give a f***”, she then stands up and continues to stroll the airport.

Several bystanders kept going about their business as they passed the naked woman as others stopped, stunned and shocked as to what they had just witnessed.

Police said the woman purchased a ticket with cash before stripping naked and walking around inside the terminal.

The naked woman was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Her condition is unknown at this time and it’s unclear if she will face charges.

A representative from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport could not be reached for comment.

Several people took to social media who were in the airport at the time of the incident to express their shock and amusement.

One person wrote: ‘Anyone get to see the completely naked woman walking around Conc B at @ATLairport a few minutes ago? #Delta #ATL’.

Another person wrote: ‘In ATL airport right now and there is a naked woman running around the airport showing people her private areas’.

Atlanta airport has been the world’s busiest airport since 2000. In 2015, more than 101 million passengers passed through it, according to Airports Council International’s 2015 World Airport Report.

Where the heck is this woman’s family? She has to be someone’s daughter, sister maybe even a mother, but that person must’ve forgot to give her meds.

When people say, “Where has the classiness and respect gone?” This is the reasoning for that. No shame in her game and no respect for others. This is just the average craziness that goes on in our world today.

It just seems everyday that someone is acting out, getting enraged or going crazy over the most simple reasons. You just don’t know what people are capable of doing anymore, because of the crazy and the stupid that is going around like the plague.

In closing I just have one thing to say… GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!


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