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Bill O’Reilly Defends Trump’s Civil War Comments, Blasts ‘Morons’ On Cable News!


On Tuesday it was former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly who defended President Trump’s assertion that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War, attacking former CBS News anchor Dan Rather and other Trump critics as “morons.”

It seems on Monday, Dan Rather, former anchor of “CBS Evening News” ripped Trump for saying Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War. Rather even stooped to saying Trump’s knowledge of history was “below most gradeschoolers.” Seriously? Did Dan Rather really think he was going to get away with that comment?

When it comes to knowing a little about American history, I’ll put my money on Bill O’Reilly who’s written a plethora of books in the past including “Killing Lincoln” and “The Legends and Lies: Civil War.”

H/T Western Journalism:

No longer restrained by the formalities of network television, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly launched a scathing attack on former CBS News anchor Dan Rather and the other “morons” on cable news for criticizing President Donald Trump’s claim that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War.

“You may have seen a bunch of people on cable news, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t really miss it, saying that President Trump is a moron for saying that Andrew Jackson might have prevented the Civil War because of Jackson’s skills in running the country,” O’Reilly said Tuesday on his No Spin News podcast.

“So Dan Rather, who knows very little about history, and others go out and they hammer Trump like he’s a moron.”

Trump told the Washington Examiner in an interview Monday that he believed Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War. “He was a very tough person but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw with regard to the Civil War, he said ‘There’s no reason for this,’” Trump said of the nation’s seventh president.

Jackson, a staunch defender of keeping the country unified, had threatened South Carolina with a federal invasion during the Nullification Crisis during his presidency. However, Jackson died in 1845, sixteen years before the Civil War.

Rather blasted Trump in a Facebook post Monday for having a “grade schooler’s” understanding of American history.

 “The sheer craziness of this obsession by Donald Trump with Andrew Jackson and the Civil War is a carnival act unlike anything I have ever seen at the White House,” the former CBS host wrote.

“These are the rantings of someone who really should be focused on the job of governing. Should we not conclude that he approaches policy decisions with the same half-baked conspiracies with which he apparently approaches history?” Rather asked.

“To be President of the United States is to part of the great American story. To not understand that story is to not understand the presidency.”

O’Reilly didn’t agree with Rather’s insinuation that Trump’s view on Jackson amounted to a “half-baked conspiracy.”

“Trump was right,” O’Reilly said Tuesday. “Andrew Jackson would not have tolerated any secession movement at all and would have moved federal troops much faster into the problem situations. James Buchanan, Old Buck, did nothing. He was afraid. And that emboldened the South. End of historical story.”

These morons that you see on cable news, just turn them off. Just turn them off because you are never going to get an honest story.”

Bill went on to say “they know nothing.”….

Of course, I know what you’re going to say, it wasn’t that long ago Bill O’Reilly was not only on cable news, but was known as the ‘king of cable’. That’s right! So, as the past ‘king’ of the cable news, he should know a thing or two about it.  Just like he should know a thing or two more than Rather about history. I mean how many books has Dan Rather written about the Civil War? Any?  Maybe Bill should send Rather an autographed copy of his “Legends and Lies: Civil War.” Rather might get schooled a bit himself.

Fox News will probably never have another ‘king of cable news’ like Bill O’Reilly, now that Fox is most likely changing their stories to look more like the ‘other’ stations. But you can always catch Bill on Monday nights on podcast for more of his ‘No Spin News’.


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