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Ann Coulter Gives ABC Host A Lesson On The First Amendment! [Video]


Author of the recent book, “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome” and columnist Ann Coulter recently made the news when the University of California Berkley campus denied her the right to speak. The university was not only denying Coulter but conservative groups their First Amendment rights as well. The school evidently didn’t want any ‘healthy’ political discussions to take place on campus, afterall that might encourage students they would actually have to think logically about a topic such as immigration.

Of course, the University of California denied they actually violated any First Amendment rights. They claimed it was about a form that wasn’t properly completed or proper protocols weren’t followed by the conservative groups or conservative individuals that planned the event. Finally, if you didn’t buy those excuses well, there’s always the university or campus security who blamed the cancelled event on ‘threats’ or ‘violence’. Seriously?! What a crock!

So, after all of that, it’s not a surprise to see that Ann Coulter was on the weekend news educating liberals on the First Amendment. Talk about schooling liberals!

H/T Western Journalism:

Ann Coulter reminded an ABC host Sunday that speech you hate to hear is not the same as hate speech.
On ABC’s This Week, host Jonathan Karl lectured Coulter about her track record of incendiary comments and said she should not have been surprised that a speech Coulter was scheduled to give at the University of California at Berkley was cancelled.

“And then there was the tweet that you put out just the day before the election, saying, ‘If only people with at least four grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide,’” Karl said.

“OK. Let’s just take that one. We can go through all the greatest hits of much of my commentary. I watch roughly 24 hours a day, the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote, how the — how the, you know, the browning of America and how are African-Americans voting. How are women voting. I describe one demographic and say how it would come out. And that’s hate speech?” she said.

“Why isn’t it hate speech to keep telling me how Hispanics are going to vote?” she added.

She then corrected Karl on his understanding of the First Amendment.

What you’re talking about are rhetorical flourishes. And I don’t know, maybe you guys think you are smarter than the Founding Fathers. But they did not put an asterisk on the First Amendment,” she said. “The Founding Fathers just forgot about that, that — and ‘no rhetorical flourishes. No jokes.’”

That brought a show of support from the show’s other guest, Robert Reich, a Berkeley professor and former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Well, we finally found something, after all these years, where I agree with Ann Coulter, that is there is no hate speech exemption for the First Amendment,” he said.

“I do believe in the First Amendment, and I will fight for her right to say what she wants to say. The First Amendment is, and freedom of speech, is the cornerstone of our democracy. And, whether it’s college campuses or somebody burning a flag or it’s the — newspapers having a right to say whatever they want, we cannot toy around with the First Amendment. It is absolutely critical,” Reich said.

Reich said he does not approve of the culture of intolerance on college campuses.

“I am concerned because one of the purposes of a university education is to be provoked, to examine what the evidence is,” he said.

“And if somebody says something that is offensive, well, that is not per se, you know, a violation of any kind of university norm; in fact, quite the opposite. I tell my students all the time, the best way to learn something is to talk to people who disagree with you because that forces — that forces you to sharpen your views and test your views,” he added.

Coulter agreed.

” … universities ought to be places where I’m not the only conservative most students will hear in four years of college,” she said.

“And what this shows, this whole incident shows, again, it shows this radical, insulated Left on the college campus. And the entire left wing, including President Obama and Bill Maher on the other side and what useless institutions our universities are. The prices have gone up 3,000 percent since the ’70s. Is the education better? No. It’s worse,” she continued.

Ann’s certainly got that right! Colleges and universities continue to have tuition and fees that are sweltering each year to insane new highs. It must be to pay for the wonderful pensions of the overly priced and high quality liberal professors that you aren’t getting for the expensive tuition you’re paying for those liberal left classes.  But hey….enjoy the teacher assistants you’re offered instead.

Ann did everything she could to speak. She was willing to agree to any condition to speak at Berkley, but they didn’t want to admit the truth. They didn’t want a conservative to speak on campus, even if she found her own room or funded the event herself. Period.

So much for freedom of expression at University of California. Talk about liberal intolerance. Follow the money and you’ll find the truth. The truth will lead you back to the facts. The facts are clear. Most of the protests against Trump and Trump supporters are organized by groups funded by George Soros like Center for Community Change, Alliance for Global Justice, Refuse Fascism or Open Society Foundations.  It’s all the same deep pocket and it all leads back to Soros, just like the groups that protested against Milo Yiannopoulos.

Oh speaking of money, did I mention according to Open the University of California gave $1.6 million to candidate Hillary Clinton, $1.2 million to ‘Women Vote’ (George Soros funded), $347,000+ to Bernie Sanders, $500,000 to Emily’s List, and over $263,000 to Democratic Senate Campaign Committee? I think you get my drift.

Conservatives like Ann Coulter are a threat to the liberals and the left. The left wants nothing more than to silence or destroy conservatives. Just ask Fox News and Bill O’Reilly.

The University of California has no problem if your name is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or even Barack Hussein Obama. Even the Mayor is friendly with the antifa.  The lefties at UC are nothing more than bought and paid for thugs. The sad thing is federal funds and state funds are supporting these thugs as well.

You know Coulter is on the right side of the First Amendment, when even people like Whoopi Goldberg agree with her. As Whoopi stated on The View:

Berkley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.”

It’s because of conservatives like Ann Coulter that more and more people in America are educated on the facts. If America ever loses the battle of the First Amendment for conservatives like Ann Coulter, we are in big trouble. Sad thing is, it’s not that far away folks.


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