Al Gore Lying! It’s Physically Impossible for Sea Levels to Rise!

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Bulgaria’s new Environment and Water Minister has quite a few interesting items to say about the global warming hoax and he refers to Archimedes basic scientific principle.

In a nutshell, as the Arctic Sea Ice has already displaced the sea water it sits in, the whole thing could melt and the sea levels would not rise!

“There is a law of nature, discovered by Archimedes more than 2000 years ago, that a body immersed in water, displaces the volume of water of the volume of the body itself. The ice of the North Pole already has sunk into the world ocean and increased its level with that volume, of the ice itself.”

Al Gore Lying! It's Physically Impossible for Sea Levels to Rise!

Of course this is just one of many lies and manipulations used by the left to scare people into believing that the sky is falling due to man made global warming.

Bulgaria’s new Environment and Water Minister, Neno Dimov, appeared in a video describing global warming as a fraud and alleging that the European Union’s target for reducing emissions is intended to earn billions for business.

Speaking to camera during the 7.33 minute video, Dimov expounds the thesis that human impact on climate change is a “manipulation” related to economic interests and a lot of money.

“Supporters of sustainable development are frightening us with global warming. The UN has no panel on global warming, but on climate change, but the the climate is constantly changing. That may be the first indication that this is a matter more of manipulation than for serious concern,” Dimov says in the video.

“It is good to pose two questions. Is global warming really happening? If that is so, does human activity lead to global warming or do other factors cause it?”

Neither appear to be true.

We could just believe that Al Gore just doesn’t know this basic scientific fact, but the fact that he bought ocean front property denies that theory.

On May 4 2017, on taking office as Bulgaria’s new Environment and Water Minister, Dimov said that the cleanness of atmospheric air, especially in big cities and the cleanliness of drinking water, is an undeniable priority. However, he believes that a balance between environmental protection, the quality of life of people and the economy must be sought.

“We note that the European Commission has recently come up with a plan in which environmental protection is not an end in itself, but must be looked at also in the way it is received by people living in the regions and by businesses,” Dimov said.

Dimov is on to something here. Why don’t we concentrate on the real environmental issues, instead of messing around with this stupid hoax designed to redistribute wealth?

It’s because there is no money in that! Al Gore has become a billionaire on the back of the global warming hoax. Socialism has thrived, taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor in the name of saving the world from immediate disaster.

It’s a hoax folks. The left will tell you I hate science. No, science is what proves it’s all a hoax. What I hate is the manipulated data that the left uses to pusue the greatest con job ever.

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