ACLU Goes After Another Police Officer, After They ADMIT He Was JUSTIFIED! [VIDEO]

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The ACLU branch based in Michigan has discharged a dash-cam video of a traffic stop revealing a white police officer breaking the driver side window of a car, and dragging a black man out of it…’Violently.’ For some reason, anything that has to do with physical contact is considered violent to the ACLU. Who cares if it’s brought on by civil disobedience or refusing JUSTIFIED orders of a police officer.

These people make me sick.

The widely leftist organization on Tuesday sent a letter to the Taylor Police Department located in suburban Detroit, demanding that they open an investigation into what they perceived to be a harsh injustice, labeling it ‘violent’ and also ‘terrifying.’ What they left out was that those descriptions tend to go along with resisting police officers orders.

The ACLU attorney heading up this bogus case is Mark Fancher, who said:

‘The conduct of the officers involved is troubling, and we request not only an investigation, but also policy revisions, retraining, and any appropriate discipline.’

Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi revealed that the officer involved with the arrest was 26-year-old Calvin Jones. He also claimed that a open investigation was underway, concerning the details of the event.

The ACLU’s claims of what happened went as followed:

On April 6, 2016, Taylor officers pulled over Jones after he allegedly ran a stop sign while traveling in his silver Kia Forte with his wife and her underage brother in the area of Park Village Boulevard in Taylor.

The video from the traffic stop, which was shared on YouTube this week, shows a white officer walking up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and asking Jones to provide identification.

Jones asks the officer to tell him ‘what’s going on,’ to which the cop replies, ‘I’d be happy to tell you once I see some information.’

Jones declines and an argument ensues, with the driver repeatedly saying he won’t provide his ID until the officer tells him the reason for the traffic stop, and the cop warning the motorist that failing to provide identification is an arrestable offense.

So where was the problem here? When did you notice in the exchange that someone wasn’t cooperating? Bingo! When the idiot driver refused to give up his identification. When has it ever turned out well for anyone, when they refused to show identification when pulled over? NEVER. It doesn’t matter what color skin you have, stupid actions yield stupid results.

The ACLU’s description of what happened continues:


Jones’ wife, sitting in the front passenger seat, urges her husband to give the officer the ID, but he continues to insist that the cop tell him what’s happening.

Jones again demands to know the reason for the traffic stop, at one point telling the officer: ‘for all I know, you could be trying to kill me right now.’

The officer dismisses Jones’ fears as ‘absolutely ridiculous.’

When two backup officers approach the vehicle, the first cop puts on a pair of black gloves and yanks on the driver’s side window, shattering it. All three officers then proceed to drag Jones out of his car, hurling him to the ground and restraining his hands behind his back. The first cop later claimed in his report that Jones was reaching for something between seats. Jones says he was just trying to unlatch his seat belt.

Alright, even the ACLU scumbag lawyer had to admit that the police officer who was involved in the confrontation was justified in asking Jones to produce some form of identification…They just claim he went about it the wrong way…

Give me a break!

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