8th Graders In D.C. Do A Little Protesting Of Paul Ryan…Disgusting!

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As if it was a natural occurring event, a little group of eighth graders declined to pose for a photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan during a field trip to D.C., I guess as a form of protesting?

The students came from South Orange Middle School in New Jersey and stood on the opposite side of the street protesting as their less-political, un-tainted classmates had their photo taken with Ryan outside the United States Capitol.

When Ryan uploaded the image to Instagram, and of course, this attracted the little cretins to the page to flood the comments section with their immature insults and complaints, likely making Mommy and her live-in boyfriend super proud.

One smart ass kid said:

‘Half of us stood across the street including me because we hate you.’

Another 13-year-old named Matthew gave his reasoning for being tiny protester:

‘The fact that he puts his party before his country, he likes to think of what his party will think of him other than what his country will think of him.’

Many of these professionals protesters in training, stated that Ryan’s policies on LGBT and Healthcare were among the most ‘grievous’ to them…Oh, brother. Give me a break.

Matthew’s mother said it gave all students the choice to participate in their little protest or not:

‘The school allowed the children to make a choice, they were very good about that. It was all quite peaceful.’

The children were taking part in a field trip to DC when they were told on Wednesday that they would be meeting Ryan. Matthew texted his mother immediately to tell her that he was concerned and she urged him to let the teachers know he was uncomfortable with it.

When Ryan emerged from the Capitol on Thursday, some students who had agreed to take part were gathered on the steps to have their photograph taken.

The others were stood across the street and Ryan was unaware that they had refused. On Friday, he uploaded the photograph with the willing students to Instagram, writing alongside it: ‘Got that #FridayFeeling’.

The students pounced, pointing out in the comments section that half did not want to be associated with him and accusing him of merely using them as a photo-opp.

Another little kid, in need of a gold star for participation said:

‘I find this really funny because this is my school and more than half of us chose to step out of that picture. And to add, the school is from a very liberal town, so I’m very proud to say that I was amongst the students who stood ACROSS the street. Plus most of the kids who were standing there were only there to make fun of him because he’s a walking talking meme’

They were met with a lot of push back from Republican supporters who accused them of being contemptuous to the office of the Speaker of the House. I would like to add they these little punks don’t have a clue what they are talking about, or why they are even upset. They are followers, and they copy what their dysfunctional parents tell them.

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