8 More Countries Are Now Accepting Their Illegal Immigrants Back Thanks to Trump!

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Even before Trump was elected, he said that he would be firm with implementing the law when it comes to ‘illegal’ immigration. Trump said he would ‘build the wall’ and secure our borders against drug dealers, and illegal immigrants. Trump even supports Kate’s Law.

Kate’s Law was introduced in Congress, back in January, giving lawmakers another run at legislation to impose a mandatory minimum five-year prison term on foreigners who re-enter the U.S. after being deported. Sadly it STILL hasn’t been passed, due to a filibuster by Senate Democrats.

In 2015, Kate Steinle, 33, was murdered as she walked with her father along Pier 14 in San Francisco by an undocumented illegal immigrant who was deported FIVE times. The murderer, 45-year-old, Francisco Sanchez, was actually released by the San Francisco sheriff’s department DESPITE a request from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for an immigrant detainer. Senseless? Absolutely. Preventable? Absolutely. Do we need to secure our borders? ABSOLUTELY!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

The mainstream media have been consumed with “scandals,” but President Donald Trump has accomplished a good deal during his short time in the Oval Office — and this latest accomplishment really shows “the art of the deal.”

Immigration reform has been a major issue for Trump from the time his campaign started. Once he was sworn in to office, Trump got to work immediately to start making changes to protect the borders,  and his efforts have led to a major breakthrough regarding deportees and their countries of origin.

About 20 countries were very resistant when it came to taking back citizens identified for deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Yet under Trump’s administration, that number has now dropped to 12, effectively making those eight countries compliant with U.S. Immigration laws.

The Washington Times reported that, “Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said Mr. Trump and his Homeland Security Department should get most of the credit for the changes for ramping up pressure beyond the diplomatic ‘demarche’ letters that the Obama administration used.”

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials couldn’t immediately say how many people have been deported because of the changes, but Somalia has taken back 259 just seven months into the fiscal year. That is far more than the 198 it took back in all of 2016 and the 17 it took in 2015,” The Times reported.

It is amazing what can happen when a business man rather than a politician takes control of America’s highest office. This staggering reduction in what American Renaissance describes as “recalcitrant countries” is all because of Trump and the duty he feels towards protecting American citizens.

The Washington Times reported on various incidents where a country refused to take back their citizens who had crossed over into America illegally and the devastating effects it had on our country’s citizens.

In one such case, Haiti would not take back an illegal immigrant who had already served time for attempted murder. He was released in the United States, only to kill a young woman in Connecticut, The Times reported.

Yes, it’s amazing what can happen when a business man rather than a politician takes control of America’s highest office.  Trump is working to defund sanctuary cities. Why should taxpayers pay for “protecting” illegal immigrants anyway? Where was the sanctuary for Kate Steinle?

President Trump wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’. Let’s hope President Trump continues to work with the Senate and House to help get Kate’s Law passed. Justice for all is overdue, including the justice for Kate Steinle’s family.

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