8-Ft Alligator Attacks Wrong 10-Year-Old Girl!

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You’re out enjoying a nice sunny day, swimming in a lake in Florida with a few family members, when all of a sudden you feel something tug on your knee and leg. Welcome to Florida…and have you met my little friend…gator.

A young girl was able to save her own life recently when she was attacked by an alligator thanks to the lessons she learned at a theme park.

The tips and tricks 10-year-old Juliana Ossa absorbed while visiting Gatorland in Orlando helped her to make quick decisions when a 9-foot alligator bit her on the leg while she was swimming in a Florida lake on Saturday, according to Inside Edition.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

A young Florida girl showed an alligator who was boss when it tried to take a bite out of her leg.

Juliana Ossa, 10, told WKMG that advice she had received at Gatorland helped her survive the attack, which happened Saturday afternoon at Lake Mary Jane at Moss Park in Orlando.

“I thought about what they taught me at Gatorland,” Ossa said. “So I put my two fingers up its nostrils so it had to breathe from its mouth and it let my leg out.”

The brave girl suffered an injury to the front and back of her knee and thigh when the alligator, which was 8 feet 9 inches, bit her. Miraculously, she did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said Ossa was sitting in a designated swim area when the incident took place. A lifeguard on duty said the girl was in waist-deep water with a dozen people around her when the alligator made its appearance.


“The lifeguard said that they heard the scream, and then they saw the child jumping and running,” said Matt Suedmeyer, manager of the Orange County Parks and Recreation Division.

WKMG reported that a person near Ossa pulled her from the water. The girl was taken to Nemours Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Gatorland dean of gator wrestling Tim Williams told WKMG that he was glad to hear Ossa fought back, adding that she did the right thing, because if she hadn’t the situation could have turned out a lot worse for her.

The alligator was captured and killed.

Suedmeyer told the Orlando Sentinal that the park’s waterfront area will be closed this week out of “an abundance of caution.”

Talk about the Florida gators!

This young girl certainly knows how to think on her feet AND under stress. It’s a good thing her parents took her to Gatorland. Would you have known to do what she did?

I think most of us would have kept banged the heck on the gator’s snout until he released us. This young and bright girl took what she learned and put those good skills to use by fighting for life! Unbelievable!

Gators have a lot of sensory organz on their snouts and if you hit those pressure points…they will open up wide!  Of course, gators also have one of the strongest bites of most animals, so when they grab onto something…like a leg…they really don’t want to let go!

So let this be a lesson to you…if you are in Florida…you don’t have to be in the Everglades to be attacked by a gator…you could just be swimming in a lake with lifeguards. Either way….keep your eyes open and be prepared to shoot those fingers of yours …up the nostrils of the gator.

Yes! Welcome to Florida….the Sunshine State….and remember…up yours….when it comes to gators!




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