2nd Amendment Saves Another Life! Domino’s Driver Kills Thug Who Tried to Rob and Kill Him!

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A 39-year-old Domino’s delivery driver shot and killed a thug Saturday night after an exchange of gunfire when two thugs called him to a fake delivery to rob him.

The two thugs were 16 years old and had broken into an abandoned house in order to commit the crime.

The driver is licensed to carry in Arizona which Texas recognizes fully. Interesting to note that the liberal media was quick to point out he did not have a Texas carry license when the story broke.

2nd Amendment Saves Another Life! Dominoes Driver Kills Thug Who Tried to Rob and Kill Him!

The StarTelegram reports:

Officers went to the scene of a shooting call shortly before 11:30 p.m. Saturday in the 1400 block of Springwood Drive.

The 39-year-old driver called 911 after the shooting.

The man told police he had arrived at the location to deliver a pizza when he was confronted by two robbery suspects.

Police later determined that the house was vacant.

“One of the suspects was armed with a handgun, and fired it at the delivery driver,” Parrish said. “The delivery driver was armed and fired back at the suspects.”

The teens ran away from the location after the shooting, police said.

The teen who was arrested faces a charge of delinquent conduct/aggravated robbery, police said.

The driver did not have a license to carry a concealed handgun, Parrish said.

The shooting death will be turned over to a grand jury for consideration, police said, and the driver could face a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon.

“But an investigation continues and nothing has been decided yet,” Parrish said.

A Domino’s corporate spokesperson said the driver involved is cooperating with police and is currently suspended while the investigation is ongoing.

California and Chicago are the state and city with the most stringent gun laws. California and Chicago are also the state and city with the worst gun crimes.

Criminals do not follow laws and taking guns away from law abiding citizens does not stop thugs.

Two buildings. One says ‘gun free zone’ and one says ‘we’re packin!”

Which building does a thug pick?

Let’s put up robbery free zones on banks.

You cannot sanitize the world of it’s problems. Trying to take away the rights of citizens does not stop thugs, it only makes them defensless.

Thankfully, in Texas, most understand this. Even Democrats in the mist. Had it not been for this man’s ability to protect himself. The outcome could have been very different. The thug could be alive and the innocent driver dead.

This is the 7th robbery that pizza delivery drivers have faced from this particular Domino’s in recent months. If the thugs knew every driver was packin’, would this record be different?

Of course it would!

Thugs like this are too afraid to even go ask for a job. They are only brave because of the gun they are carrying. Even out the odds and the thug is the first to blink.

That thug will not attempt to rob someone that he knows will shoot back. Period.

The only thing that evens the playing field between an elderly lady, a young man, or anyone in between, and a teenage thug…

Is a gun.

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