17-Year-Old Girl First at Scene after Wounded Officer Found Lying in Highway. Left in Tears When EMTs Drop News…

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President Trump declared this week, May 14-20th Police Week. We honor the men and women of the law enforcement, especially those disabled or killed in the line of duty while serving our communities. Police officers put their lives at risk each and every day as they serve and protect our communities.

Thalia Rodriquez was only a teenager, but luckily she knew how to respond in an emergency situation. She didn’t panic as she saw a victim without a leg. She just put her knowledge and skills to use and saved this officer’s life in the process.


H/T Liftable:

Thalia Rodriguez, 17, was the first at the scene of a motorcycle crash. Now, the high school senior is being credited with saving a police officer’s life.

Rodriquez was driving when she saw a bleeding man lying next to a crashed motorcycle on the side of the road. She immediately pulled over and jumped into action.

Luckily, the teenager knew exactly what to do since she had taken EKG and first responder classes as part of Westland Hialeah High’s Health Science magnet program. She was prepared for this moment.

“I knew I couldn’t panic,” she told the Miami Herald. “At that point it was only him, only save him, buy him time. Everything else in such a scenario is all a blur except for what you’re focused on.”

With her training, she was able to check the man’s vitals. Unfortunately, he was unresponsive.

Rodriguez saw that he was bleeding profusely from his lower body and was worried for his life. The man had lost his left leg in the crash and his right was also severely hurt.


A few minutes, another passing driver pulled over. The woman, Vianca Diaz, happened to be a nurse and also rushed over to help. Rodriguez asked Diaz if she had anything they could use for a tourniquet, and they used a belt the woman provided on the man’s leg.

“From there, all we could do was wait until the medical service got there,” Rodriguez said. From there, the injured man was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

That’s when the man’s identity was discovered. It turned out that he was Miami-Dade Police Maj. Ricky Carter, a 21-year veteran police officer.

Fire fighters and first responders were incredibly impressed with Rodriguez’s actions and have credited her with saving Carter’s life. “I was rather impressed with the first aid skills, of course, but I was more impressed with her grace under pressure,” said City of Hialeah Fire Department Lieutenant Luis Espinosa and the teenager’s emergency medical responder teacher.

Rodriguez has since received a well-deserved “Superintendent Certificate of Achievement” from Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho as well as a $100 gift certificate. The surprise recognition and high praise made the young woman tear up.

“You are the definition of courage under Fire. You are courageous, selfless and are skilled and don’t ask permission to do the right thing. I think you are a wonderful example of what young people should be,” the superintendent told her.

Thalia Rodriguez is definitely a courageous young lady. She was at the right place at the right time and saved this Officer Carter’s life. You can bet that this day will be certainly be a memoriable one for both, Thalia and Officer Carter. There’s still hope for our future with teenagers like Thalia in our world.

You can bet this officer is thankful for Thalia’s help and something tells me that will be a strong friendship for life.

Even though you may not be saving an officer’s life today or tomorrow, hopefully you will reach out to an officer this week and tell them how much you appreciate their service. God Bless our law enforcement officers!

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