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Young Boy Breaks Down in Tears over Dad Who Died from Cancer. But Then They Take Him Outside…


This story about what this news agency did for this boy has got to be one of the most touching I have seen. At the end of the video, even the reporters were tearing up as they broadcasted the story.

This just goes to show you that there are still good people in this world and love will always abound.

When Jace and Jett Kellog lost their Dad, Boe, after his battle with cancer, they not only lost a parent but a hero and role model. It was an understandably devastating loss for the two young boys.

Young Boy Breaks Down in Tears over Dad Who Died from Cancer. But Then They Take Him Outside…

10-year-old Jace knows one thing, though: he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. Those will be interesting shoes to fill, as his dad was a professional bull rider.

The Fox 5 ‘Surprise Squad’ learned about Jace’s story through a school project and decided to lift the grieving family’s spirits with a visit. Watch the heart-warming events unfold, and like Monica Jackson says, “don’t even try to hold back the tears.”

A little boy wants to follow in his father’s footsteps…and you’ll never believe who the FOX5 Surprise Squad wrangled in to help with this stampede of a surprise.

Although Jace is only 10 years old in the video, he sounded incredibly mature while being interviewed. The tears in his light blue eyes were infectious.

“Why do you love [professional bull riding]so much?” Jackson asked. “Because my dad, he rode bulls,” the little boy said.

He quickly begins to tear up at the mention of his dad who passed two years earlier. In an almost too-adult fashion for such a young man, he said, “I still get emotional about it sometimes.”

He explained to the journalist that he was going to the bull riding event. His hopes were to meet his favorite rider, JB Mauney.

After Jace revealed his wish, the family was led outside where a huge surprise was waiting for the boys. A trailer with bulls had pulled up in front of the house, and the boys were told their names and allowed to pet them.

The even bigger surprise followed close behind. Out of a pickup truck came JB Mauney.

As he walked over to the starstruck boys, Jace said “that’s JB Mauney” in awe as a smile grew on his face. He got his dream of meeting the professional bull riding celebrity.

After being invited to walk the blue carpet and receiving tickets to the World Finals, Jace had something to share. He took off his hat and showed the rider the leather engraving that read “custom made especially for Boe Kellog.”

Mauney had some great praise for the young boy. “You’ll be seeing him a lot more in a couple years.”

“I do believe that God has a way of taking care of children,” said the boys’ Grandmother. “And their Dad’s looking down on them and happy for them.”

At the end of the video, even the reporters were tearing up. After this incredible story, how could you not?

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Priceless! I have a funny feeling these young boys will grow up to be fine men some day. They seem to have had a wonderful example in their Dad.


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