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World-Renowned Psychic Who Accurately Predicted 9/11 Has Chilling Warning For Trump About May 13, 2017!


If you believe in psychics and prophecies, well then, you may find this article to be a little interesting. If not, well then you may not want to read any further, unless of course, you are just curious about what the actual prophecy says or what a world-renowned psychic has to say about our future beginning on May 13, 2017, about two weeks from now.

If you have read, “Prophecy in The Making”, you know that the book is based on a blog with almost 3 years of in-depth research and analysis on how the world will end based on the Bible. The book illustrates how the illuminati system is actually the great anti-Christian system and how it has been controlling and governing so much of where we are today in the world and why we’re on the verge of a nuclear war. There’s a lot to the book on the secular world that has done away with God and what happens because of it and the secret brotherhood…the illuminati.

Now, a “self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’ Horacio Villegas”  has a chilling warning for President Trump and America.

H/T Freedom Daily:

Whether you’re one to believe in clairvoyants or not, there is no denying the incredible accuracy of one world-renowned blind psychic who accurately predicted the terror attacks on September 11, Barack Obama’s win as 44th president before he ran, and more. Now, more of what Baba Vanga predicted before she died almost 10 years ago is unfolding before our eyes, leading to perhaps the most chilling prediction yet for what’s going to happen on May 13, 2017.

Vanga has a shocking success rate of major predictions well before they came to fruition, which some believe proves that she’s correct. She stated that America’s 44th President would be black and would also be the last African-American leader of the United States. She also predicted the rise of the Islamic State in conjunction with an attack they would commit on U.S. soil, referring to “horror” in the homeland caused by “steel birds.” This was her way of describing the airplanes in her prophetic mind that ultimately hit the twin towers since she didn’t understand what a modern aircraft looked like or was called having been blind since age 12, Documentary Tube reports.

She passed away in 1996 before her other prophecies could unfold, which we are seeing now today, including a conflict between Russia, America, and North Korea that she said would start from Islamic State’s involvement in Syria. Now, her psychic successor, “Self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’ Horacio Villegas,” according to The Mirror, has an equal accuracy to Vanga and a chilling warning for President Trump and America.

Villegas’ latest statement comes as a warning with not much time before the given date in which he claims it will take place. As we watch what is happening between North Korea, Russia, America, and Syria, it seems that we’re on the brink of World War III and Villega said it’s closer than we thought, set to start on May 13, 2017. This comes after he said in 2015 that America’s “billionaire businessman would become the ‘illuminati king’ who will ‘bring the world into WW3’,” Villega said.

That day is less than a month away and with everything happening as both mystics suggested it would and proof of which is right before our eyes, there’s strong reason to believe this war is on our horizon. His prediction is particularly troublesome for Russia, North Korea, and China which Villegas says will be in “deadly global conflict.”

The specific date doesn’t come without reasoning as explained by The Mirror:

It is claimed that Our Lady – another name for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus – visited Fatima in Portugal on six different occasions. The first visitation was said to have taken place on May 13, 1917. This was the day, according to the Catholic faith, that Our Lady warned people that if her requests to convert Russia to the faith were not followed, God would use the country to wreak havoc on the world.”

The 100th anniversary of this event is less than four weeks away, which Villegas believes is when the war we’re already seeing percolate will erupt. As for how long it will last, the mystic continues with his same theory to predict its end on October 13, 2017, since Our Lady of Fatima announced, “The war is going to end, and the soldiers will soon return to their homes.”

So if you believe in prophecies, the world is going to be at war beginning on May 13 and everything will come to an end on October 13th, 2017 after major devastation.

Well, certainly there are things we can predict in the near future. We can predict that President Trump will be a better Commander in Chief than President Obama ever was. We can also predict that President Trump will do everything he can to return our military to the superpower that it once was, only with more updated technology than we have ever seen before. We can also predict if North Korea is stupid enough, their may be some missiles fired in their direction, but it may or may not be from us.

As for the WWIII, I’m going to predict it will certainly happen in the future, but not on May 13th. I also don’t believe the world will come to an end on October 13th either, but I’m not God. Only the man upstairs knows the real answer on that one.


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