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Whoopi Reneges on Promise To Move to Canada if Trump Wins! [VIDEO]


Many celebrities said that if Donald Trump won the election that they would leave the country and Whoopi Goldberg was one of them.

Now she is reneging on that promise saying this has been her country since the 1700’s!

Whoopi says that her phrase, “It’s time to move on” did not mean she wanted to leave America. Either she is lying or has a very weak grasp of English because it sounded pretty clear to me, let alone Donald Trump and many other Americans.

Many celebrities said that if Donald Trump won the election that they would leave the country and Whoopi was one of them.

Note that Whoopi gets upset and never explains what she really meant. That us very telling!

Now I understand saying things you do not mean in the heat of the moment. We have all done it and I probably more than most. But just admit it!

Here are her words, you decide:

‘Stop blaming everybody. The minute you start saying a person is a rapist and a murderer, it pisses me off. I don’t think that’s America and I don’t want that to be America. I don’t want it to be America, but if it’s going to be, then maybe it’s just time for me to move on.’”

She said that in January and then in March she “clarified”. Well, she never said what she really meant do and she didn’t “clarified”.

“Then in 3-01-16, I clarified,” Goldberg said, “‘It’s my country. I have something to say about it and from time to time people piss me off, and I think maybe I shouldn’t be pissed off.’

Whoopi added, “I assume, Donald, that you miss me and that’s why you continue to bring up and you know, I can’t help but see you, so hi, babe.”

These celebrities assumed Hillary was going to win so it was just rhetoric. Then the unexpected happened and now they are stuck. They have to move or reneg.

Give it a rest Whoopi. Love your acting, respect your freedom to say what you think, but you are looking dumb on this one.


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