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White House Announces Where The President’s Salary Will Be Donated Too


While on the campaign trail President Trump said that he would donate his presidential salary. Some media outlets have been hounding his administration in recent weeks asking why he had not donated it yet. But those questions will be quelled now.

The President and his staff ave announced he will donate his first three months checks to the National Park Service. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the following,

“The President has spoken with coursel and made the decision to donate his first-quarter salary to a government entity.”

The total amount for the President’s first three month’s paycheck is $78,333.32. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke accepted the check during a special ceremony. The paycheck started on January 20th right around the time of the inauguration.

The Press Secretary in weeks past had even said the President was willing to field suggestions from the press corps about where the money should be donated to. In one instance a few reporters joked about putting together a journalism scholarship or donating it to the White House Press Correspondents Association.

The liberal mainstream media will no longer be able to complain about this anymore and try to make a story out of it. They have tried to depict the President as this horrible, xenophobic man who cares about nobody and does not keep his word. But this donation proves that none of those labels are true.

The President is a man of integrity. He did not take this position for the money. He already had more money than God. This is about serving the American people and doing right by them. Donating his paycheck proves just that. He is obligated by law to accept a paycheck and so donating his salary is his best bet.

Donald Trump is making his party and his country proud. The National Park Service has struggled with serious underfunding in years. There is not a more worthy cause and there are surely more causes he will donate to in the future.

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