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WATCH: Moments After O’Reilly is Fired, Mark Levin Makes SHOCKING Confession!


Bill O’Reilly had been on Fox News since 1996, as the host of the political commentary program The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel. Previously O’Reilly worked as a news reporter for various local television stations including CBS and ABC News. He also has been an anchor of the Inside Edition.

The “O’Reilly Factor” had a large following – almost 3 to 4 million and ‘The Factor’ was the highest rated program on cable news for 15 weeks! But most of O’Reilly’s advertisers abandoned the show in the wake of the recent allegations and the Times’ story.  Then, Fox has made it official andO’Reilly was OUT!

But was Bill O’Reilly targeted by the MSM and the liberals on the left? Weren’t the Murdoch’s just caving in to the same hypocrites on the left that donated millions to the Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? As Bill would say, you are entering the ‘No Spin Zone’.

H/T I Have The Truth:

Following the Wednesday announcement that Fox News Channel (FNC) had decided to terminate their star anchor Bill O’Reilly over the accusations of sexual harassment waged against him, conservative radio host Mark Levin let his true feelings be known.

 “As those of you who are long time listeners to this program know, I was no fan of Bill O’Reilly. In fact … we despised each other,” said Levin. “One of the reasons is because of this conduct in the past,” he added, referencing the alleged sexual harassment.
 “Let me be quite clear about this as an attorney. There are allegations and then there are allegations. Some are more meritorious than others. When people have actual tape recordings of you and you cut a deal, in part, to get the tape recordings back, that’s pretty bad. If somebody says you looked funny at them while they were sitting outside your office for several years, that’s pretty preposterous.”

“There’s enough there, a pattern with the guy that it’s quite obvious he has some issues,” Levin continued. “Now the point is, Fox News Channel, knowing at least most of this, re-upped him for $15 million to $20 million a year.”

Levin did acknowledge what appears to be a case of those on the left systematically working together to take down a prominent conservative figure, saying,

“I’m certainly not going to defend Bill O’Reilly, but I will say this: The left works as a cabal. They target people and they try to take them out. Not just somebody like O’Reilly, but they try to target good people sometimes and take them out.”

The left has no problem targeting people, often innocent and taking them down. They don’t care. They are relentless and cold.  It’s the MSM and as O’Reilly used to say, ‘The Spin stops here.’

I’m not saying that Bill O’Reilly was totally innocent, because I don’t have all the facts and I’m certainly not a lawyer. Cases of sexual harassment sometimes get settled by celebrities, professional athletes and others, because they just want them to be resolved and don’t want the hassle any more. It’s often less expensive for businesses to settle than go through the lengthy process of resolving the issues in a long drawn out legal battle.

Again, I’m not condoning any behavior that O’Reilly may or may not have committed regarding sexual harassment allegations. We have all seen the liberal leftists and the MSM use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals –  they pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Time after time, they have implemented this tactic and sometimes, as with Bill O’Reilly, when the liberals on the left get enough ‘bots’ to reach out to advertisers they can have a pretty good impact. That’s how they operate. They’re cold and ruthless. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last of the attacks from the left on the Conservative Media. For now, the Spin Zone stops here.


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