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This is just too cute.  I could not get mad at these two beautiful dogs.

But, we all know the one with the muscles did it! LOL

He wants to disappear until it’s all over!

The brown one looking dead in his eyes as if to say, “I didn’t do nothing homey…..I’ll take the punishment, take it like a dog take it like a dog”…Then, the gray dog can’t even look him in the eyes! This is Hilarious!!

So funny. They know they did it. These dogs are so much like children. When our mom was yelling at us for breaking something, we would always look down at our feet. When our dad was mad, we would run out the back door. LOL

The guilty one is so obvious, the pit bull can’t even look up straight. He’s e’s hiding behind the other dog for protection! If he could just melt into the wall he would, he’s thinking if I just turn around he won’t be able to see me, Priceless! How can you stay mad at these dogs  when they are cuteness personified?! I guess it is normal for that age, thats teething stage.. well  since their teeth is kinda itchy  they would literally love to bite everything! You just gotta keep the shoes hidden and make sure they have a big box of toys to play with… rather a big box of toys to chew!LOL .

If you have ever been a dog owner you understand this situation completely. Without any raising of your voice or any threatening gestures your dogs know what you are talking about, especially if you are holding the object in your hand. The dogs know  they did something wrong and will react in this guilty fashion. There is  sweetness about this and your heart melts. He is not berating the dogs, he is speaking to them both, but the innocent dog does not react. They are so in tune with us, and so smart. Dogs are  smart, the owner is relating correctly to his pets. They need to be reprimanded gently when they do something wrong as well as being rewarded and praised when they do right. They are not whimpering in fear, they just look shameful for being naughty! Both are beautiful dogs.

Dogs are the BEST! Even when they are mischievous! Puppy stage can be tricky, but with consistency you will have a best friend life!!

Though when it comes to puppies, much of what is often thought of as naughtiness, things like not listening, running off, biting, digging and chewing etc, is often simply normal puppy behavior. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with it indefinitely, but should give you hope and reassurance, because this kind of naughtiness is something that all puppy parents have to deal with.

If you are a dog or cat owner you certainly know how funny they can be. We are sure that in the end they don’t feel sorry at all, and they’ll keep doing these bad things again and again… But this is also the reason why we love our little furry friends so much.

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