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VOTD: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT! Pit Bull rescue like you have never seen before! This DOG was so TERRIFIED of HUMANS she literally shook with FEAR!


How can someone do this to such a loving animal? Dogs are the most loyal and will stand by your side forevermore.

So sad, what these poor dogs had to go through, before they were adopted.

Hate to wonder what on earth could this dog have been through to be this scared. Just wondering.

They won’t bite unless they’re scared.

Seriously, how could you abuse a pet? Why would you even get it in the first place then??!

Can we as caring humans come together and start cracking down on animal abuse, breeding abuse, abandonment, and harm and stand up for EACH and EVERY SINGLE DOG/animal we see, that is in ANY abusive situation….regardless of being afraid of hurting the dog owners’ feelings or being threatened.

The most savage beings are the ones that have been hurt the most and betrayed in ways that leave them untrusting. It takes a big heart to calm that savage beast, and when that happens, the most amazing and genuine version of them comes out. Apply this to humans. Please, have a big heart. The world can’t survive without sharing heartfelt videos; use them to fuel the change the world needs.

Adopt animals, don’t buy them. Just because an animal in adoption, has something wrong – mentally, physically and emotionally, doesn’t mean it can’t be happy.  All they want is to get fed every night, sleep comfortably, and mostly importantly… they just want to feel loved. Don’t buy, because adoption is much better!

These animals NEED US to remind them about love and acceptance.

On the other hand the sad part about this video clip is that all these people show all this compassion for a dog (a sad beautiful dog). I understand it’s heartbreaking, but I wish we had this much passion about our own species.



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