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VOTD: This MAN had 9 RESCUE ANIMALS , when HE decided to adopt #10! This is one GOOD MAN!


Now this is a good MAN!!

Much respect to this man, we need to find this man and shake his hand, give him a huge hug, and cry and embrace, tears of joy and gratitude that maybe other guys will learn to be this compassionate in order to be considered true men.

The animals know and sense the love that he has for them. One big happy family!!!!! What an amazing, good soul you are!!!!

This is absolutely inspiring and uplifting .., just when we have lost our faith in humanity, this man is what the good Lord believes, what He wants him to do. Taking care of God’s animals. This man shows what a true human being he is! May God bless him and his fur babies!!

A wonderful story indeed, God Bless you, sir, for saving these beautiful creature’s and giving them a second chance at life.

Be a Hero!

Adopting a dog through a shelter or rescue group is a win-win. You save a life and gain a best friend; a dog gets another chance at happiness. Rescuing a dog from a shelter is better than buying one from a store, and doing so will make you a better person. Shelters are where lost or abandoned dogs end up, and those are the dogs that need a home the most. They’re not puppy mill dogs (usually adorable puppies that have been strictly trained and bred for adorableness), they’re the dogs that are found wandering in the middle of the street, the dogs that are found in parking lots after they’ve been thrown out of moving cars. It’s easy for puppies to get purchased and difficult for dogs to get a second chance, which is why, as a result of over-dog-population, shelters are forced to put down unrescued dogs every single year. If you are worried about having an old rescue dog, it might be just a good thing.  Adult dogs are great companions too, they’re often calmer and less likely to destroy things like energetic puppies who need constant supervision.

There are shelters that offer a glimpse of the dog’s story, but that’s not necessarily a good thing because, again, humans like to dwell in the past. Whether the dog was abused by children, thrown out of a car, rescued from a dog-fighting ring, or whatever traumatic event she went through, it’s past. Dogs live in the moment.

A dog’s past will only be a problem if you constantly dwell on what happened before the shelter. The dog forgot about it once it wasn’t happening anymore, and you can help the dog forget, as well, by not triggering anything that resembles that early trauma. Dogs don’t dwell on the past, and we shouldn’t either.

So, next time you want to add a dog to your family or your pack, adopt don’t shop — you’ll save a life and find a faithful friend at the same time, and keep in mind that Rescue dogs need lots of patience, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Again kudos to this man for having a big heart and responsibility that comes with saving animals! Continue saving these fur babies! There is nothing like the love from saving dogs and cats. I wish everyone would try it!

You are an amazing Dad to all of these rescues. You are a PAWSOME person.. Keep up the good work!


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