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VOTD: This is why I love humanity… PLEASE WORLD, BE MORE LIKE THIS? God bless this MAN!


Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone was kind like this?

What a noble act . This man you have reminded us about sharing and helping.

This is exactly what makes me keep faith in humanity!!! If each and everyone of us would do such a thing once a day (OK then we wouldn’t have any t-shirts left!!!) but once a week or even once a month, society would feel lot better.

What a lovely gesture. But speaks volumes to what’s wrong with our society as well. Why do we not have better protections and quality of care for elderly people and adults who can’t take care of themselves? We all have to take care of each other. It so easy to be kind we should all make more of a personal effort to help other people out if they find themselves going through a difficult time for what ever reason!!!

One of the most beautiful heartwarming and selfless things I have ever seen….we need more love in the world and stop to think about other people and stop and look and think about it!!!!!

Isn’t it lovely rather rewarding  to see the kindness and compassion for our fellow man is STILL vivid in todays dark world. Now think how many other people after watching this got their heart touched and helped someone else. Kindness and compassion for others, comes from the heart…it’s as simple as that. The ones that step forward to give another the shirt off thier back or even the shoes off thier feet, are the kind of people that are the ‘unsung heroes’. Hardship knows, another’s hardship on sight! No words needed. Those, with true compassion for those in need…No words needed. Only actions. I would like to believe, that there are more everyday people out there helping anonymously than, the ones seeking recognition.

This video is captivating because it captured an anonymous act of kindness, between two, virtual strangers. No words needed. Both hearts felt full. One felt, maybe he could help in some small way…the other heart looked up and thought, “I’m not invisible after all.” His confusion at that act of kindness made me cry for humanity. We all have a heart but…when was the last time it broke for someone besides yourself? Just saying….. and I will never understand why some people always have to turn the kindest acts into a source of negativity. WHO CARES whether a video like this is fake, staged, stunt, etc (looks authentic to me tho). Nobody’s asking for money. Nobody’s promoting violence. Nobody’s insulting or demeaning someone else. So that just set this video apart from 80% of the videos on the internet. It’s promoting a message of unity, kindness, empathy, understanding, love…and that’s certainly not fake. Be part of the solution. Don’t be part of the problem. The world has enough.

No racism here this is what it is all about taking care of each other, helping each other,instead of killing one another.. that’s good karma…good man it’s doesn’t matter what race you are.

This is it America.This is how it’s done.

This is what we need to do for eachother. It will never change if we all sit back and do nothing. You don’t have to have money to show kindness. I hope whoever watched this goes out the door today and does something kind for someone anyone. May we be as quick to pull out our cell phones & record more of these types of rare events that display love instead of hate. Then, maybe in time we won’t care to record them, because they won’t be rare… they’ll become normal.

The smallest act of kindness can be so huge in the eyes of others. Wake up people. Stop waiting on our government to change this world, its our job. Its starts within us. One act of random kindness at a time is how we change things. It takes more energy to hate and do crime than it do to be kind and do good.


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