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VOTD: People Love Their Pets, but Pets Love Their Humans… MORE.


Animals love without conditions I wish we could be more like them.
Any pet owner will tell you that their animal companion comforts and sustains them when life gets rough.

Whether animals can experience romantic love is unknown. But there is some evidence that they are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we do.

All the animals of this video were rescued, adopted by someone or living in a shelter. The Gibbon that embraces the woman, he was being released; it was a hug of thanks and farewell. All animals feel, just like us.

What a nice feeling it is to be loved and much more be hugged in return by your pet?! They give us an unexplainable feeling of contentment and meaning in life again.

Love of animals and animal friendship is a feeling of affection that humans often have towards nonhuman beings, such as animals. Humans share special bonds of loyalty and love with their animals and pets. It is a pleasurable relationship between humans and animals that brings these two diverse species together.

Animals show humans affection as they receive it. Many people do not believe that animals are capable of loving or showing affection. Love of animals can be shown in many different ways, between humans and animals and also just amongst animals.

There is one thing we do know though: Your pet doesn’t regard you merely as a food dispenser. Pets as well as zoo animals form strong attachments to their caregivers. As attachment is a form of love, animals are indeed capable of loving their caregivers.

It has become very apparent that stress affects our mental and physical health and our world has become more stressful than ever. We live in a fast-paced world which demands our attention and can easily wear us out. There are certain methods to reduce stress, but one of the best is to own a pet. Pets provide support like a best friend because they are always available to listen (without judgement), which can help you unload after a hectic day.

Whether your preferred companion is a dog or a cat, talking out issues with them can help you see the situation differently, let out some steam, and help you feel more relaxed. Moreover, when you are feeling stressed, there is nothing like a sweet pair of eyes that instantly attract your focus and help you get your mind off the thoughts and emotions that are causing the stress. Pets need to be handled, fed, and loved, so you don’t have time to sit and stew in a negative place –  you have better things to do.

People are not always around when you need them, but pets are. They are constantly giving you love and gratitude, and are happy to be in your presence. You can be yourself around pets. You can dance silly or talk silly, and they will not judge you. In fact, depending on the pet they will love the silliness and get silly themselves. Of course, unconditional love like that is a good stress reliever, but constant companionship with a loving human being has been shown to improve health in many other ways.

Studies have shown that companionship with an animal boosts your immune system, improves heart health, reduces physical pain, and improves mental health as well.

Humans love pet dogs as much as their children and the feeling is mutual.



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