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WHOA!!! This Google Gnome is remarkable!!  Everyone needs to have it!!

The future is here, and it’s a real breath of fresh air. Discover it for yourself!!

Make your garden smarter with Google Gnome.


Google Gnome is a voice-activated, hands-free tool designed to make backyard living effortless. Need to know what animal is squeaking in your bushes? Stay still and ask Gnome what sound an opossum makes. Running low on birdseed? That’s where Gnome comes in. You can even use Gnome’s proprietary high-intensity lasers to trim your hedges into whatever shape your heart desires. The only thing that can fence in Google Gnome is the literal fence surrounding your yard.

Oh, but don’t ask it indoor questions. Google Gnome doesn’t like that. Google Gnome is an outdoor device, You can ask anything under the sun to this one as long as it is outdoor related scenarios  or anything that concerns your backyard! Isn’t that awesome?!

While Google Home manages all of the indoor stuff, Google Gnome handles the outdoor buzz.

Google Gnome is capable of doing plenty of other things. The examples Google gives include playing fetch with the dog, mowing the lawn while you put your feet up, and telling you when to stop and smell the roses. You can ask wind directions,,temperature and a lot lot more. If you have the money and inclination you can even buy some accessories for your Google Gnome. Amazing right?

You’d Be a Fool Not to Buy One

In case you hadn’t guessed already, Google Gnome isn’t real. It is, instead, one of Google’s famous April Fools’ Day jokes. Google is using this one to promote Google Home, a genuine smart home device,


but seriously it’s a disappointment that something like this doesn’t actually exist..

It would be nice to be able to automate your backyard. If you have a garden , it would be nice if it can keep an eye on your vegetables..  It would be nice to ask Google Gnome how your carrots are growing.. or maybe how your flowers are doing… And how we’re all eventually going end up as compost in the ground somewhere…

I’m devastated that this isn’t real.

But to some extent I prefer the Gnome rather  than the Google Home. Just saying.


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