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ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG ! MAGNIFICENT! Best I’ve seen! Standing ovation!

This Acrobatic Group is absolutely amazing and very professional and a lot of trust, coordernation involved in this, breathtaking and technical act of pure genius.

This is the true definition of trust, teamwork, and unity. Absolutely incredible, amazing, brilliant, intense, dazzling, astounding, amazing .

The costumes wonderfully added to the performance, like a beautiful box of melted crayons that have become animated! The fact that the bases were grown men gave the young flyers the confidence to go for it and be their amazing best. The choreography was fantastic, had me on the edge of my seat.

Three very tiny ladies and a few strong men that tossed and swung and jumped rope with these three girls…mesmerizing and dangerous all at once, lots of practice for the main acrobats while the rest just danced around…Jaw dropping and on pins and needles!! This acrobatic group should entertain all over the world. New and refreshing. A job well done. Bravo to All who preformed.

It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer as they say.  Dancers grew up with each choreographed number being a magnificent work of art — the stage as their palette and each move, a vibrant color. In addition to harnessing creativity, dance is an outlet to alleviate daily stresses and bring so much happiness to those who embrace it.

It’s an incredible escape from reality, where you can lose yourself in the movements. There’s actually research that proves people who grew up as dancers are less stressed and happier.

All praises to “ZURCAROH” . The acrobatic group of Zurcaroh was founded in 2009 by Brazilian Peterson da Cruz Hora. With the formation of this show group, Peterson brought a new form of gymnastics to Vorarlberg – a mixture of dance, gymnastics and acrobatic elements. Every show is an unforgettable experience.

The various choreographic routines fascinate the audience with their colorful costumes and amazing stage designs. Zurcaroh presents diverse cultures and facets of our Earth through expressive dance and spectacular acrobatic components, accompanied by rousing rhythms. The performance of this group is always a high point at balls, celebrations, work parties or other events, triggering mass excitement and leaving behind a lasting impression. For a few moments, the audience is carried away into a magical world.

When a dancer has enough lift and control through an aerial, it’s always impressive. “Seeing acrobatics in a dance piece is common and can show diversity in the dancer’s movement vocabulary. Acrobatic movements are most effective and unpredictable when artistically threaded within the choreography.”

Dancers are remarkably disciplined  and obedient. Tell them once what needs to be done and they will  do it as perfectly as they can, working relentlessly until the result has exceeded expectations. They always find a way to make it happen, because what choice do they have when things don’t go exactly as planned on stage and they are expected to deliver excellence nonetheless?  Dancers know  how to use their  imaginations, they understand what it means to respect authorities.

Dancers  know how to work without the promise of success or reward. They  are self-sustaining. They know how to push themselves without so much as a word of encouragement or anything acknowledging a job well done.

This is truly phenomenal!! A must watch indeed!!! Gives me shivers..timing..fearless..


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