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Thirsty much?!! This is one dehydrated King cobra!!

A 12-foot-long King Cobra was rescued after straying to a village, where it was believed to be looking for water.

There’s just something about a snake sipping straight from the bottle that’s endearing in it’s own right. .. but dang it is still dangerous!!


Animal rescuers cautiously approach a thirsty king cobra before tilting a bottle of water towards the snake for it to drink.The King Cobra normally avoids confrontations with humans but desperate times call for desperate measures.This deadly snake was so thirsty during a drought that it broke into an Indian village in a frantic search for water.Dramatic footage shows the kind-hearted villagers looking after their local wildlife.

One of the men seen in the video giving water to the snake is CN Naykka, the Deputy Range Forest Officer of Karwar forest range. He had rescued the cobra along with snake expert Raghavendra pouring a bottle of water over the snake’s head as it greedily laps the liquid.The man, knowing that the situation could turn nasty at any second, holds a snake catcher so he can grab the serpent in case things kicks off. He is assisted by his friend who holds the cobra’s tail to prevent it launching a vicious attack.

Though Naykka is surprised that the video has gone viral, he refuted claims of drought in the region and also said that such instances were common during summer months.

“The Kaiga Power Plant is located near the forest range. The snake had wandered into the Kaiga Township, located near the plant sometime in the morning. We spotted the King Cobra at around 12:30 pm and it was dehydrated due to the extreme heat. Hence, I offered it some water and took it to a rescue centre,” Naykka said.

The forest officer also said that this is the mating season and cobras wandering around the area was a common occurrence, which happens almost every year.

“Whenever a snake wanders into civilian-populated areas, we first offer it water. There is nothing sensational about it. The Kali River, which runs through the Karwar Forest Range is flush with water and so are the backwaters located near the Kaiga Power Plant. During summer, many different birds and animals come for water including cobras,” Naykka added.

The snake was later taken to an animal care facility.



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