Valerie Jarrett DEFENDS Susan Rice, Catches HEAVY FLAK!

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The insanity and thinking of the Obama administration is just never ending. After 8 years of dealing with Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett you would think, all the lies would have ended by now, especially since they are out of office. NOPE. Think again.

Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has the nerve to say that it was important for Rice’s “reputation and peace of mind” that she “just go out and speak the truth”. WHAT?! Seriously?!

After all the lies about Fast and Furious, Obamacare, the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, the Iran Deal, Clinton’s secret server, NSA spying, Bowe Bergdahl, the GSA Scandal, Solyndra, the Secret Service, etc…..and NOW THIS! Do Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett REALLY still believe that Americans TRUST them? Do they SERIOUSLY believe we trust ANYTHING they say after all the lies that have been told in the last 8 years? Come on MAN!

H/T Western Journalism:

It’s all hands on deck as former Obama administration officials come to the defense of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Rice has been embroiled in controversy after being identified as one of the individuals responsible for unmasking the identities of Trump transition team members recorded during surveillance of foreign targets. She is being accused of unmasking them not for intelligence purposes but for political reasons.

First up in defense of Rice was former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser and speechwriter, Ben Rhodes, who said there was much to learn from Rice’s “grit, resilience and patriotism in the face of years of unfair and deranged demonization.”

Rhodes was followed by Valerie Jarrett, longtime friend and former senior adviser to Obama. Jarrett, who claimed in January that Obama had led a scandal-free administration, not only defended Rice’s character but also said that Americans should “thank her for working 24-7 to keep us safe.”

@AmbassadorRice -An outstanding public servant w/ the highest integrity & character. We should thank her for working 24-7 to keep us safe. …

I can tell you, she is a woman of highest integrity and character,” Jarrett said of Rice in an interview on SirusXM Politics. “She took her responsibilities to keep all of us safe. Each and every day she served in that very office … everything she did was in service of that sole purpose.”

Susan Rice, who in 2012 falsely blamed the 2012 Benghazi attack on an anti-Muslim YouTube video, is the last person to be associated with integrity and character, according to her detractors on Twitter who said:

@ValerieJarrett@AmbassadorRice Such integrity & character when she was lying about Benghazi.

@ValerieJarrett@AmbassadorRice? oh my god you’re killing me..Susan Rice….integrity…dying

@ValerieJarrett@AmbassadorRice I believe the expression, “one lies and the other swears to it” is in full effect here.

You have ZERO credibility.

Jarrett said that it was important for Rice’s “reputation and peace of mind” that she “just go out and speak the truth” in an MSNBC interview in which she denied the political unmasking allegations in a manner that struck her critics as somewhat evasive.


Does Valerie Jarrett really want us to believe after Benghazi and all the other scandals and lies over the last 8 years from the Obama administration, that Susan Rice’s “reputation” was at stake and that Rice needed to “go out and speak the truth”? Unfricken believable!

Did Jarrett finally have a ‘coming to Lord Jesus’ meeting? Since when has Susan Rice or Valerie Jarrett EVER told us the TRUTH about ANYTHING?!

Hey Valerie! Did you forget THIS?

“Based on the best information that we have ….it began as a reaction ….sparked by a hateful video….spontaneuous protest….”

Seriously?! Did you REALLY think Americans bought into this!?

Shut the front door!

The Benghazi Attack took place on September 11th!!!! Remember THIS:

Susan Rice LIED! People DIED! That’s what happens when you don’t tell the TRUTH about what really happened, like the Obama administration was smuggling guns into the Middle East. Of course, no thanks to you and the lies by the Obama administration, Ambassador Stevens is not alive to tell us the REAL truth. But we do know, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t answer her phone after several calls by Ambassador Stevens and others to send in more help. We also know someone ordered our troops to “Stand down!” And Obama, well, I think he was probably off attending a fundraiser with his Hollywood liberal friends…who probably BELIEVED these lies.

So, excuse me, when I say, it takes some nerve to come out and say, even AFTER Rice was caught in her OWN web of lies about the ‘unmasking’ of names, that Rice,

is a woman of highest integrity and character,” or that “she took her responsibilities to keep all of us safe. Each and every day she served in that very office…”

SERIOUSLY! Who’s really buying this BS?!

If you STILL believe after all the lies that Susan Rice told about Benghazi that she is STILL a ‘woman of highest integrity and character’….I just have THIS to say:

I’m sorry, but I agree with Sen. Rand Paul and others who HAVE actual integrity, that Susan Rice abused the system for political reasons.

First, Rice said she knew “nothing about this.” Then, when later asked about the unmasking of names of the Trump administration, she changed her story to….”there were occasions” when she was aware of ‘unmasked’ names and information.


Because the TRUTH is Susan Rice REQUESTED the ‘unmasking’ according to logs and information gathered from a White House investigation.

In fact, prior to leaving office the Obama administration ordered the information ‘unmasked’ information on the Trump administration to be deciminated BROADLY among 16 intelligent agencies, probably thinking that would ‘hide’ the TRUTH just long enough for Obama to hide out on some island, while all of this was going down.  Where is Obama anyway?

Susan Rice stated… absolutely NOT for anything political…”I leaked “nothing to nobody”….

Can you say?….Espionage….

NONE Of the surveillance Rice requested was related to Russia or the Trump team. Rice was just gathering as much information as possible about ANYONE in the Trump campaign and like pollen spreading in the spring on a windy day…she wanted to scatter as much information as possible to as many people as possible, even Evelyn Farkas said that.

Yet, Rice claimed…”I leaked nothing to NOBODY.”

Like Greg Gutfeld of FoxNews ‘The Five’ said, Susan Rice also reminds me of Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes:

Sgt. Schultz was a German prison guard who would say, “I know nothing! I see nothing!” whenever one particular American POW would curse the Nazis.

Only THREE people had access to the ‘unmasking’ of information – Brennan, Lynch and Rice. Rice not ONLY had access, but Americans now know she AUTHORIZED it! The White House logs prove it!  She signed her name…several times authorizing the permission for the ‘unmasking’ of Trump administrators.

But hey, there’s at least one thing Susan Rice is good at…and that’s telling a LIE….like Benghazi.  Unfortunately, for Susan Rice, THIS time somebody is going to jail, because THIS scandal is NOT going away.

This WAS a political manipulation of information. Susan Rice was caught and is a villain. Do you like ‘Orange is the New Black’? You may be watching a lot of it inside a 4′ x 8′ cell.

In closing, here’s a little more of Sgt. Schultz from the beloved Hogan’s Heroes. You might say Susan Rice is trying to ‘Pull a Schultz’ on Americans.



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