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Why Tomahawks are So Lethal!


The President made it clear in his most recent press conference that he would not stand for the egregious human rights violation that took place in Syria this week. The attack resulted in the death of eighty people most of which were young children. Unlike the former administration he created a red line in the sand and retaliated accordingly.

Shortly after his press conference and comments the Pentagon released a video of the United States military firing Tomahawk missiles into Syria. The missiles were on warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Watch here:

Syria has claimed that at least six are dead due to the fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles that were launched. The USS Ross and USS Porter served as the ships the missiles were launched from. United States military officials have told reporters it was a military airfield that was targeted and not civilians. An official told reporters that only one did not hit the targeted location. This action is contrary to the President’s initial statements that he would stay out of the Syrian conflict. He has now claimed he has changed his mind and is not opposed to intervention.

Any leader knows that your have to adapt and change over time unless you want to fail. There is nothing wrong with admitting a change in policy. Drastic times call for drastic measures. This is certainly an example of that. As a successful businessman, Trump understands that, and that is why he is an impeccable President.

The Syrian government under Bashar Al-Assad has zero conscious. They rule according to power and money and the lives of innocent children and civilians do not matter at all to them. Human life, even their own citizens, matters not. The President took a strong military approach to the Syrian assault on humanity and hawkish Senate Republicans are cheering him on. The Assad regime poked a sleeping tiger with this assault.

While the rest of the international community remains silent the President is willing to extend our resources to make a drastic statement. Unlike Russia which has stood stalwartly by Iran and the Assad regime. The United States is the forbearer of democracy and justice and will not stand silently by while this occurs. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley expressed the same sentiments. She showed pictures before the United Nations of the attack and at a Security Council meeting she forced all those in attendance to express their stance in the issue before the world.

Nikki Haley, President Trump, and Secretary of State Tillerson  are making this country proud in their response to this unprecedented attack.

What the President did was right and it has received bipartisan support from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Marco Rubio and others. Everyone can agree about this atrocity and anyone who doesn’t should have to explain before the world why they don’t. Perhaps this will be the issue that sets the standard for Democrats and Republicans to start working together in Washington, D.C. towards common sense legislation.


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