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Two Teens FIGHTING In The Street As Friends Record It- Then HE Shows Up, Changes EVERYTHING!


Videos on the internet are becoming more and more personal. Some of these videos are positive and uplifting and others are violent, showing the worst of society. There is one viral video that has both. It all started with a teenage brawl in the streets of Philidalifa, then out of nowhere a man walks up and stops the fight with a lecture.

The two teens fighting were Sheldon Ward and Jamar Mobley, and they had a large audience filming the whole thing. As the boys threw punches a man walks into frame, Miller, a husband and Father walks up and engages the two boys in conversation asking why they were fighting and if it was worth it.

Instead of showing disrespect (which most teens are known for) the two boys stopped fighting and listened to the wise gentleman.

Miller then gave a message of being kind to one another and to stop the pointless fighting. Miller told the two boys, “You’re almost men, you’re not kids no more. Start acting like it, yo. You’re going to get nowhere like this, yo.” Miller didn’t stop lecture when he was done talking to the teens that had been fighting. He turned his message to the crowd of kids who were laughing and encouraging the fight in the first place. Miller called the crowd the “real cowards” as they hid behind their phones, recording the fight.

Before Miller ended the lesson on being civil he told Ward and Mobley to shake hands. The boys were reluctant at first, but they did and it became a powerful symbol of unity. Had Miller not stepped in, the fight could have ended much differently.

The Atlantic City council later honored Miller during their meeting for his positive influence in the community. Miller was touched for the recognition, spending most of the time thanking his mother for raising him right. He also expressed saddened in the way young men are treating each other in the streets.Ward and Mobley were also recognized for listening to Miller and choosing to stop fighting.


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