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Trump’s Son Just Went After Susan Rice! See Here!


The media has been on fire this past week after it was revealed that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice under former President Obama had exposed the names of Trump associates on raw intelligence reports. Conservatives have been livid over this blatant invasion of privacy while liberals have remained silent. No shocker there.

The President’s son Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to comment on the ongoing controversy after Rice went on to MSNBC on Tuesday. Rice denied spying on associates of the President for political purposes. Look at Donald Trump Jrs. response,

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted David Martosko

Should have gone to CNN that way she would get the Qs in advance… who am I kidding they were never going to ask a real question?

The President’s son is on point in his analysis. All Rice had to do was go to CNN to speak about the issue knowing they are liberally biased and would not push her on tough questions. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. A place like Breitbart and Fox News would not go easy on her because she committed a crime.

Trump Jr. was referring to an incident during the 2016 presidential election where Donna Brazile, chair of the Democratic National Committee, fed debate questions to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rice could not defend herself and her deplorable actions but she tried to nonetheless saying,

“There were occasions when I would receive a report in which a U.S. person was referred to — name not provided, just a U.S. person — and sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out, or request the information as to who the U.S. official was. The notion that some people are trying to suggest, is that by asking for the identity of a person is leaking it, is unequivocally false. There is no connection between unmasking and leaking.”

The reporter, blogger, and political activist to reveal the story about Rice is Mike Cernovich who Donald Trump Jr. publically lauded for doing so.

Congrats to for breaking the story. In a long gone time of unbiased journalism he’d win the Pulitzer, but not today!

If it were a Republican who had revealed the names of Democratic associates to one of their politicians they would be vilified by the mainstream liberal media. We would hear no end about corruption within the Establishment but because they are Democrats apparently that means they get a free pass.

The ultimate double standard rages on. While they continue to not be held accountable.

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