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Trump Just Made Big Changes With The National Security Council


In a strange turn of events President Trump has fired his White House chief strategist from his position on the National Security Council. He was not the only person to suffer from the recent role reversals. Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert was downgraded. Bannon has suffered from massive push back amongst liberals who say he is not qualified enough to be on the National Security Council.

An anonymous White House source has explained that Bannon’s role was initially to supervise and keep an eye on the ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his attempted work to “de-operationalize” the council. The source claims that Bannon has never actually attended a meeting.

Notable and consistent attendees have been Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford and National Intelligence Director Dan Coats. When they were added to the National Security Council their role was to only participate on issues their expertise related to. Now that has changed and they will attend NSC’s principals committee.

Senator John McCain commented on the issue a while back saying,

“The one person who is indispensable would be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in my view, so it’s of concern, this ‘reorganization.’”

This decision came right after Bannon was polling nationally as less favorable than President Trump. It was a Quinnipiac University poll showing him with an approval rating of eleven percent. Bannon is one of the President’s inner circle confidants making this transition very strange.

President Trump has publically defended the actions of Bannon and kept him in his circle. This action raises questions over whether Bannon’s role will be permanently eliminated eventually. But for now he remains a strategist and advisor to the White House administration.

Liberals will certainly be elated by this after they attempted to pass a bill that would remove him from the National Security Council. They failed. But perhaps they will be temporarily appeased for the time being as his position has been downgraded.

But liberals being liberals, they won’t be happy until they get everything they want and more. Nothing will please them.


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