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Trump Just Gave An Update On U.S. Troops in Iraq


The President promised during his campaign that he would exterminate ISIS off the face of the planet during his administration. Unlike the Obama administration, President Trump promised to have a strong hawkish military approach to the conflict in the Middle East. About two months into his presidency, Trump is now updating the public on the status of troops and combat over in Iraq.

This past Tuesday President Trump spoke to Senators at a White House reception where he said the following about American military presence in the Middle East,

“we’re doing very well in Iraq where our soldiers are fighting like never before.”

The President indicated his comments were based on a telephone call he had with James Mattis, his Secretary of Defense. A cabinet nominee appointed not too long ago and confirmed by the Senate. Liberals immediately jumped all over the President’s comments arguing he was insulting Iraq War veterans from the Bush administration.

But Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the President and addressed the criticism he has been getting. Spicer maintained that the President’s comments referred to the new developments in overtaking the city of Mosul from Islamic radicals. At his daily press briefing on Wednesday he said,

“I think that for a long time, there was a lot of concern about Iran moving in and dominating parts of Iraq. I think with the advice and consent of U.S. military advisers, there’s been tremendous progress at moving Iraq forward to an area of stability, and continuing to see the troops there in Iraq standing on their own.”

He was very proud of the work that our soldiers are doing over there in Iraq. There is a lot of work, and a lot of progress that is being made. The fight against ISIS is going extremely well, and he’s proud of it.”

Mattis’s approach to combatting radical Islamic terrorism across the globe has been an aggressive military campaign against ISIS with extended troop presence in Iraq and Syria in order to aid in Democratic stabilization. Some researchers are crediting Mattis with mellowing out the President’s military approach.

Under the Obama administration the threat of radical Islamic terrorism grew as more and more terrorist attacks permeated the United States and part of Western Europe. With Mattis and Trump heading the campaign in the Middle East we could very well see a decrease in terrorist attacks across the globe.


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