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Tomi Lahren’s Post Blaze Behavior Is Enraging Conservatives


Tomi Lahren made national headlines when she appeared on The View and said that despite her conservative political ideologies she is pro-choice.

Shortly after that, her employers at The Blaze temporarily suspended her in light of those statements and then eventually fired her. She has remained out of the spotlight after this controversial decision, but just popped back after a video of her was leaked online.

Lahren is battling the Blaze over ownership of her Facebook page that has her 4.2 million followers on it. Both are embattled in a legal suit. In response to her recent creation of a new Facebook page she said the followimg,

“The hardest part to overcome was not the fact that I lost my job – I could get a job anywhere but the fact that I lost the direct connection I had with you all.”

Now that she has lost her job at the news outlet she has been posting provocative selfies and videos online through her social media outlets. Some are calling it a desperate cry for attention from a famed “wh*re”. Her usual professional demeanor is a far cry from her new behavior. One of the videos she posted on her site shows her gyrating and calling out the “haters” with a caption that reads,

“don’t let the bullsh*t weigh you down.”

Lahren is known for her fiery personality and her unwillingness to backdown to the mainstream liberal media. She often goes on monologues denouncing organizations and people like the Black Lives Matter movement and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Which is why this fall from grace is so startling and confusing. It came right out of left field. It was incredibly unexpected.

However, even her followers started to hate on her immediately and criticize her provocative behavior. Some came to her defense and told people to back off. It’s unknown if those who support or don’t support her are conservatives or liberals. The reaction has been somewhat mixed but mostly negative.

Lahren has fallen from grace within the conservative movement and with the conservative audience due to her admission of her pro-choice beliefs. Her fans are even further upset by her flagrant attempt to try and regain fame but this time instead of using her brain she is using her body. An attention seeking 25-year-old blonde female millennial isn’t exactly the best look.

Republican women already have it tough enough after being treated like the female version of Uncle Tom. This type of behavior does nothing to give women credibility. It simply makes all women look like they can’t handle being demoted or fired.

It cheapens the movement. If Lahren continues this behavior she will further sink into nothingness, where people don’t care who she is, what she does, or what she says. She had the spotlight and now it’s gone. It’s just tacky to try and gain attention this way now. She should be more careful about what she chooses to do and say in the future. But I highly doubt she will.


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