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A Syrian Refugee Just PRAISED Trump Over His Syrian Missile Attack


President Trump made America proud again when he sent over fifty tomahawk missiles into a Syrian airbase after their chemical weapons attack on their own citizens that left hundreds dead. The Assad regime is on notice that we will no longer silently stand by while they commit atrocious human rights violations. Liberals are castigating the President for not seeking Congressional approval first prior to launching the missiles. Democrats are denouncing him while others are praising him.

Even a Syrian refugee went on “Live” national television and supported the President’s decision to launch the missiles. The refugee fled Syria in 2011 when he was seventeen-years-old, just a child. He went on to Fox News and expressed his support for the President. On Saturday Mostafa Hassoun said,

Finally, after six years, President Trump made a real red line to Bashar al-Assad. I’m so happy now, I’m so glad he did that. When Obama said he will make Assad stop [using chemical weapons]and he gave him a fake red line, Bashar al-Assad started to kill people again and again and again. But Mr. Donald Trump, he started to show Assad the real America. I wish Mr. Donald Trump would continue doing that to kick Assad out.”

That is when he said something that some will be shocked by. Hassoun admitted that most everyone he knows back in Syria supports the President’s decision and were happy over it. They felt he was taking a stand for the Syrian people. Especially given the President sent the missiles to a military airbase where the chemical weapons were released to begin with.

Hassoun perfectly stated that if the United States helped to kick the Assad regime out of power then all of the displaced refugees could finally go back to their homes. Because after all, they don’t want to live somewhere else like the United States. They want to live in their homes, in Syria.

This speaks to a deeper issue. Liberals have complained that one cannot praise the President for attacking Syria after their chemical weapons attack while he is simultaneously increasing the vetting for Syrian refugees. But in reality if we intervened in any way possible to oust the dictatorship of Bashar Al-Assad there would be far less refugees to begin with. Because there would be no reason for them to be displaced with Assad no longer in power.

The Democratic passive foreign policy has failed and it led to this chemical attack. The Obama administration said that back door deals with Russia meant that Syria was rid of all declared chemical weapons. But now reports are emerging that they knew of ones that had not been eliminated yet. Because they never wanted to publicaly have to attack another country.

Now innocent children are dead because of it. With President Trump’s attack on the Assad managed airbase he is sending a clear message that when we are lied to, when you cross that red line, when you ruthlessly exterminate small children and women we will not respond kindly.


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