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Syria Moves Planes to Russian-Bases, Safeguards Against U.S. Strikes!


It looks like Syria is taking precautions after President Trump sent them a nice message last week – 59 Tomahawk missiles. Syria is moving some of their planes to Russian airbases. What exactly did they expect after using chemical weapons on their own people? President Trump means business.

Syria can continue to do the same, but then again, if they do, they should expect the same results – more Tomahawk missiles. Maybe Syria and Assad think by moving their planes closer to Russian forces that will keep them a little safer and they can continue down the same path of destruction – using chemical weapons. Do they really think that President Trump will ignore them?

(Russian armed forces from Syria at the Hmeimim military base in Latakia province.) AFP PHOTO / RUSSIAN DEFENCE MINISTRY / VADIM GRISHANKIN

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Like a young bully racing to seek protection behind a big brother when faced with resistance, Syria has reportedly removed much of what remains of its air force to the major military base in Latakia province that is used by the Russian armed forces.

According to Fox News, virtually all of Syria’s operational fighter and bomber jets and helicopters have been moved to the Russian airbase at Bassel Al-Assad international airport.

After the move, the majority of Syria’s operation airforce will be located next to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base, where the majority of Russian air forces helping ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime are based, in Latakia, Syria.

The Khmeimim base, along with a naval facility in Tartus, is one of the two of the primary Russian military installations in Syria, and has in the past been shown to be protected by one or more Russian anti-aircraft missile installations.

The movement reportedly began shortly after the April 6 Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Shayrat airbase — an attack that destroyed roughly two dozen Syrian aircraft — in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on civilians that killed upwards of 70 innocent people.

The shifting of Syrian aircraft to the heavily fortified and well-defended Russian base, which is ringed by highly advanced anti-aircraft missile batteries, was undoubtedly intended to protect them from U.S. air or missile strikes in the future, as attacks on that Russian-dominated base would likely be considered far too risky to undertake.

“The Syrian air force is not in good shape. It’s been worn down by years of combat plus some … significant maintenance problems,” Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon, according to CNN. “The Syrian regime should think long and hard before it again acts so recklessly in violation of international law against the use of chemical weapons.”

Alluding to the possibility of future strikes against Syria if it crosses the line again, Mattis added, “If they use chemical weapons, they are going to pay a very, very stiff price.”

It looks like Syria is trying to “play it safe”. Maybe they figure because the U.S. doesn’t want to hit any Russian planes or assets, that if they place their planes near the Russians, they will not have to worry about them being hit or targeted by Tomahawk missiles. Does that mean they are planning to using more chemical weapons? Or like children on a playground, they are hiding behind the bullies?  Like General Mattis said, Syria better think long and hard, before they try and use chemical weapons again.

H/T Zero Hedge


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