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Susan Rice’s Fingerprints All Over Unmasking Smoking Gun!


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes pointedly asked Comey whether he knew that illegally leaking National Security secrets was a jailtime offense. The FBI Director Comey said yes.  It looks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to have his work cut out for him.

What may be surprising to some but not all is, the White House Counsel’s office has identified former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice as the person responsible for the “unmasking” of the incoming Trump administrators.

Yes, THAT Susan Rice! The same Susan Rice who pushed Obama’s phony narrative that a video was responsible for the attack on Benghazi that killed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, former US Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. The very same Susan Rice that stated on ABC that Sgt. Bowe  Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction”. Seriously!!!?

It all comes down to politics. These embiciles, like Susan Rice and others, compromised our national security for their own political gain or political agenda.

H/T American Thinker:

Journalist/activist Mike Cernovich reports that former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice obtained intelligence reports showing the identities of innocent Americans who incidentally spoke to foreign officials under security sweeps for spying or intelligence activities. Under U.S. law, U.S. persons are protected from such disclosure, which could be dry-cleaners asking envoys to pick up their laundry or wrong number phone messages spilling their guts about their mothers-in-law. If such U.S. persons get swept up in surveillance, they are protected. But only if they remain ‘masked,’ which is the law of the land.

Cernovich says the White House Counsel’s office has confirmed that Rice was one of the few officials with the authority to make the requests to unmask the innocent Americans caught up in surveillance dragnets. There was no national security reason to do so, but she did. It makes a lot of sense if the aim is political, however, and White House spokesman Sean Spicer has pointed out that their goal was ‘to leak stuff.’ Based on White House logs, she did, during the transition back when angry miserable Obama White House officials frowned in a group photo for the cameras.

The White House counsel’s office disclosed these logs to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who has been as responsible a steward of America’s secrets as anyone (and said nothing). But it would mean that Rice had to have been responsible for the illegal leaking to the press of the legitimate activities of people like her NSC successor Mike Flynn, for political rather than national security purposes. This would be true whether she did it herself or dispatched a flunky like fellow NSC official Ben Rhodes or Joe Biden’s NSC man Colin Kahl to execute the dirty-tricks skullduggery.

It’s par for the course. Rice was the speaker of the infamous phony White House talking points on why four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were slaughtered in Benghazi on 9/11/12, repeatedly stating for the press that the attack on the U.S. compound was the act of a spontaneous crowd that got out of control over a video, and not the pre-planned, lethally executed al-Qaida terrorist attack it was. After that, she went onto support the admittedly phony narratives about the Iran Deal, which her buddy Ben Rhodes, a creative writing major, cooked up out of thin air, just as he did the Benghazi talking points.

Cernovich reports that New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman (caught on Wikileaks for being in the tank with Obama) had the information, and chose to sit on it to protect the former president.

But based on the White House Counsel Act, the news nevertheless got out. The story meshes well with what FBI Director James Comey told the House Intelligence Committee, in response to Nunes’ request for information on leaks last March 20. Comey told the committee that only 20 people would have had access to the names of innocent Americans caught up in the spy dragnet during the transition. Rice was one of them.

Rice, like Rhodes, has the farthest of far-left backgrounds, and the highest of malice against the incoming president. Rhodes never was able to pass a background check to obtain a security clearance and continues to mock and berate Trump & Co, as if he thinks he owned the job and now they took it. Another coeval at NSC, Colin Kahl, who was attached to Joe Biden, seems to have laid out the diabolical plans for picking off Trump’s lieutenants one by one. The tweets he issues are unbelieveable, here is one:

Colin Kahl‏ @ColinKahl

The 2nd essential step is purging or marginalizing the “Axis of Ideologues” in the West Wing: Bannon, Miller, Anton, Gorka, KT McFarland.

6:21 AM – 11 Mar 2017

With a pattern of malice and mishandled security information centered around NSC dead-enders, the one thing we can see is that there is a coterie of illegal leakers who will compromise national security to enact their political aims.

Wait….there’s more!

On March 21st, Susan Rice had the audacity to write an article in the Washington Post entitled:

Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe

Well, at least we can say she at least got the title of the article right.  But once again when it comes to liberals telling others NOT to “twist the truth” or can we say “lie” …well, let’s face it, liberals aren’t good at taking their own advice.

First, Susan Rice had the gall and went on five Sunday talk shows and blamed the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four Americans, including an ambassador, on an anti-Islam YouTube video. THAT, Susan Rice, was a ‘twist of the truth”.

Then, Susan Rice went on ABC to state that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.” THAT, Susan Rice, was a “twist of the truth” as well.

Finally, when Susan Rice wrote the recent article for the Washington Post on “twists the truth”. Rice stated:

These false statements from the White House are part of a disturbing pattern of behavior that poses real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.

Susan Rice’s words are correct….she’s just talking about the WRONG White House.

Here was President Trump’s response on Twitter:

Such amazing reporting on unmasking and the crooked scheme against us by @foxandfriends. “Spied on before nomination.” The real story.

I think most Americans will agree. Obama’s administration had a “crooked scheme”. Obama’s administration covered up Benghazi and said Sgt. Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction”.  Susan Rice played a vital role in Obama’s administration.

Susan Rice also recently got BLASTED on Twitter when she posted THIS:

Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe. Why veracity matters to our security.

Here were a few responses to Rice’s post on Twitter:

If you’re trying to remain relevant, stop! You’re not

No, Just outraged on her outrageous hypocrisy Rice LIED on EVERY Sunday show about Benghazi

Replying to

. yea you’re right- Trump should have just blamed the Youtube video 😆

Replying to

like lying to the American people that Benghazi was due to a video critical of Muhammad?

#MakeDCListen™ Retweeted Susan Rice

Remember that Star Trek episode when Kirk makes the android self-destruct?

Replying to

Drew Retweeted Susan Rice

So you’re saying that we were all unsafe CONSTANTLY from 2009 through 2016??!

– Based on current info,, more than theory!! Bet on it!! Soros/Obama deep state is very active..

Susan Rice made multiple requests to unmask U.S. persons in intelligence reports that related to Trump transition activities.  You want to know the UNTWISTED TRUTH?…Susan Rice’s fingerprints are all over the unmasking smoking gun!

Like I said earlier, AG Jeff Sessions is going to be a very busy man and that’s NOT the “Twisted Truth”! Susan Rice might want to make sure all of her things are in order.  There’s a new sheriff in town and I’d say, justice is about ready to be served.



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