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School Principal Resigns After Student Journalists Investigate Her Credentials!


An incoming high school principal has resigned in Kansas after student reporters investigated and raised questions about her credentials.

“Everybody kept telling them, ‘stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong,’” the students’ adviser said.

But they ignored the advice and kept digging until they found the truth. Amy Robertson, who had been hired in March and planned to become principal at Pittsburg High School in July, had lied.

After being humiliated, she resigned.

School Principal Resigns After Student Journalists Investigate Her Credentials!

The Pittsburg School Board accepted Amy Robertson’s resignation on Tuesday, saying she felt the decision was “in the best interest of the district … in light of the issues that arose.”

ABC reports:

The main concern stemmed from her receiving her master’s and doctoral degrees from Corllins University, an unaccredited, online school. Robertson said she received her degrees before the university lost accreditation.

“She was going to be the head of our school, and we wanted (to) be assured that she was qualified and had the proper credentials,” Trina Paul, a student editor at Pittsburg High School’s newspaper, The Booster Redux, told The Kansas City Star. “We stumbled on some things that most might not consider legitimate credentials.”

Superintendent Destry Brown praised the student reporters, saying: “I appreciate that our kids ask questions and don’t just accept something because somebody told them.” He told the Pittsburg Morning Sun they “did a great job with the research they did.”

An anonymously circulated letter had also raised questions about Robertson’s qualifications. Brown said questions were also being asked internally within his office, but that the students’ public reporting “probably speeded that process.”

The district doesn’t typically ask for official transcripts until after a hiring decision has been made. This practice will likely change and the district’s vetting process will be upgraded.

Pittsburg journalism adviser Emily Smith said she was “very proud” of her students, adding: “They were not out to get anyone to resign or to get anyone fired. They worked very hard to uncover the truth.”

Now if we could find some students to investigate school administrations that do things like Charging Little Girls with Assault for Pretend Defending her ‘Magic Castle’!

Yes, a little girl used a piece of wood that resembled a gun to defend her magical kingdom from intruders and J.W. McLauchlin Elementary School called it an assault and harassment. They suspended her.

Our public schools are out of control. I have been writing about school atrocities for years now.

One of the worst is going on in Texas and has not stopped. Principal Holly Ray Says Parents Will be Arrested if they Walk Kids To or From School!

Your heard that one right too. No more walking, even with a parent, and absolutely no bike riding! AND… Parents are not allowed to even walk on campus with their kids! The are demanded to stay in the car!

The principal actually called the law on one parent who decided to walk her children to school.

Our schools are failing because they have taken their eye off the ball. They are sticking their noses in places that they do not belong. THAT is how you end up placing an unqualified person in a school as principal.

Insanity! Kudos to the student journalists!




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