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Press Secretary Sean Spicer Admitted THIS About Trump’s Foreign Policy


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has created quite the reputation for himself in just a few months on the job. He has cemented himself a role as the tough talking, take no nonsense press secretary. Just the kind of man Donald Trump needed for the job. He took the same approach when speaking about the recent missile attack on Syria that the President ordered shortly after the Assad regime released chemical weapons on their own citizens.

During a daily White House press briefing Spicer argued, that the missile strike that launched fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles from two Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean, is in no way an indication of a departure from the foreign policy the President had previously indicated. As Spicer put it, the Presidents foreign policy remains American first.

In response to a question asked of him by a reporter from ‘Breitbart News’ he said,

“I think the Trump doctrine is something that he articulated throughout the campaign, which is that America’s first. We’re not just going to become the world’s policeman running around the world.”

Spicer maintained that the administration would work to protect the interests of the United States when it comes to national security and economic issues. He argued there is a correlation between American interests and the missile attack because it would be within our national interests to oppose the spread and usage of weapons of mass destruction.

But he also said that should a harsher military attack be warranted the President would have clear and defined national interests in sight. He said the following,

“If there is a growth of use or spread of chemical weapons of mass destruction, the proliferation of those, the spread to other groups is a clear danger to our country and to our people.”

The President’s decision to launch the missiles into the Syrian military base that conducted the chemical attack is being hailed as a proportional response. While the mainstream liberal media is calling it inappropriate. Many liberal pundits are arguing the President should have consulted Congress first. Others are mad because they feel the United States should not interfere in foreign issues.

But Spicer perfectly summed up why the United States retaliated against the Syrian government. This is not just a Syrian issue, but a global issue. The gross human rights violation of murdering young children barbarically with sarin gas is bad enough. If you need more convincing there is a clear correlation between the attack and American interests.

It is not in America’s interests for there to be chemical weapons floating around in other countries. Especially countries such as Syria that is run by the Assad regime. A government full of human rights violators who kill reporters and citizens and facilitate ISIS entering their country. The whole world is in danger when someone like that has chemical weapons. What the President did was not only to Syria’s benefit, but also to America’s benefit.

Our very safety is at risk. It deserved a proportional response and it got one. Spicer was correct to make that correlation clear to the mainstream liberal media. Who never fail to report on alternative facts.


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