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President Trump’s First 100 Days – Part IIII


President Trump’s first 100 days – Part IIII. This finishes a long list of accomplishments. These things would never have happened under either President Obama or a President Hillary. While main stream media focuses solely on some of the struggles of our new President and his learning curve, we choose to focus on what is really happening. He does far more than just play golf.

At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point when it costs you nothing; then leverage inward toward your opponent as they expend their resources to meet your stance. [This strategy was on full display when President Trump declared at the outset that he would get out of our NAFTA agreement. This so upset and worried both Canada and Mexico that they are begging for simple re-negotiation. Bingo!]
What did that action cost Trump?
China turned around 12 fully loaded cargo ships laden with imported coal from North Korea –
400,000 metric tonnes refused unloading. China begins an embargo against North Korean coal.
China begins importing coking coal for steel-making from the U.S. coal mines.
What did that action cost Trump?
♦ Additionally, in furtherance of economic sanctions – China halts oil exports to North Korea.
What did that action cost Trump?
♦ Additionally, in furtherance of political isolation – China halts direct flights between Beijing, China and Pyongyang, North Korea. What did that action cost Trump?
♦ And in the most stunning seismic shift of geo-political alliances, China says it is now open to discussions of a denuclearized North Korea, meaning getting rid of N-Korean nukes, WITHOUT N-Korea being included in the talks. Hello? China, the United States, Japan, Russia and South Korea discussing how to de-nuke North Korea. (A new Marshal Plan of sorts)
What did that action cost Trump?
See how this works? What affirmative action did President Trump have to take in order to get
China to move toward the position of mutual benefit? Answer: None!
Foolish people think President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. A hat tip goes to this website:

78) With Trump, Millennials Finally Get Their Tax Cut – Original Article
Cutting Taxes: President Trump´s much-awaited tax reform plan is here. As promised, it will deeply cut taxes, make the code simpler and help restore economic growth, job creation and entrepreneurship. It´s the most pro-growth tax plan since the Reagan Boom, and that´s saying a lot. At the unveiling of the tax reform plan on Wednesday, the White House described it as “the biggest individual and business tax cut in American history.” That´s no lie. And here´s a surprise: one group that will especially benefit, but seldom gets mentioned, is Millennials.

79) Net Neutrality´s Days Are Numbered, And That´s A Good Thing – Original Article
Regulations: One of the least appreciated decisions by President Trump has been his appointing Ajit Pai to run the Federal Communications Commission. Pai has long been a skeptic of the FCC´s manhandling of industry, and is pushing to get the government out of the internet. The FCC imposed “net neutrality” rules on the internet in February 2015.

80) Citing New Soft Wood Import Tariff, Maine Lumber Mill to Add Jobs and Second Shift…

81) President Trump signs a Memorandum on Aluminum Imports and whether foreign aluminum imports impact U.S. national security.

82) President Trump gives remarks and signs an Executive Order on Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection

83) President Donald J. Trump signs the Antiquities Executive Order at the U.S Department of the Interior. This move will overturn the last ditch effort of Obama to ban logging and other activities on ever more of our land.

84) Trump’s tax plan would repeal AMT, estate tax: report [The AMT has morphed into an egregious tax on those far less than wealthy.]

86) Trump´s Biggest Achievement in His 1st 100 Days? Stopping the Left

87) US NSA spy agency halts controversial email sweep

88) President Trump signs the Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy Executive Order

President Trump had already met with many foreign leaders: U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May,Chinese President Xi Jinping, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Mexican President Peña Nieto, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Benjamin Netanyahu, Japan’s Shinzo Abe, the Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny, and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Talk about a listening tour!
President Trump has had conferences and listening sessions with the following groups: auto industry leaders, business leaders, technology company executives, drug makers, veterans advocates, union leaders, police, parents and teachers, health care leaders, manufacturing CEO’s, African-American leaders, leaders of historic black colleges and universities, coal miners, farmers, Congress and others.
He has met with his detractors, such as Al Gore. He met with Steve Harvey, who discussed Trump’s promises to improve schools and living conditions in inner cities, reduce crime and bring in more jobs. The Left criticizes Harvey for doing so. He listened to them in order to learn from them and/or to persuade them.
He recently held a working lunch with ambassadors of countries on the United Nations Security Council. He appointed Nikki Haley as our Ambassador to the UN, a fierce, fearless advocate for America.
Just when did one Barack Hussein Obama ever do any of these sorts of things? At least this President is willing to hear all sides of an issue prior to making a decision. In addition he is not afraid to actually make a decision.
President Trump has stated that this job is harder than he thought it would be. Yes indeed, especially since he got not one hour’s “honeymoon” from main stream media and the progressives in America. The “Deep State” and “The Resistance” are in full destroy mode. However, as the old saying goes: leaders lead, followers follow – and haters hate.


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