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President Trump’s First 100 Days – Part III


President Trump’s first 100 days – Part III. Since the list has expanded daily, there will now be a Part IIII. Check this website for the Parts I and II. Here is today’s list of accomplishments:

57) BREAKING: Trump Signs Three Executive Orders – Kills TPP, Freezes Federal Hiring and Bans Federal Funds for Abortion [overseas] The following is a list of the three executive orders now in place.
1. Withdrawal of U.S. Participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
2. Immediate Initiation of a Federal Hiring Freeze
3. Restoration of the “ Mexico City Policy,” which Bans Federal Funding of Abortion (Spending Overseas)

58) H-1B Visa Applications Drop
It is unclear exactly why, but experts pointed to Trump administration promises to crack down on the abuses in the program, discussion of tougher vetting of foreigners and business decisions by the Indian outsourcing firms that are heavy users of the program.

59) Trump pushes ‘Buy American, Hire American’ policy in Wisconsin

60) Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States – “Sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States willfully violate federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States ,” the order states. “These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic.”

61) Trump’s DOE Chief Orders Review To Determine If Green Energy Is Killing Coal

62) President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying Attention…President Trump obviously held a long-ball strategy with the Chinese; he’s described the approach he takes, and he lived the approach in his business life.

63) The President is issuing a memo instructing the Commerce Department to swiftly and decisively carry out its ongoing investigation into the dumping of foreign steel into United States markets. 4/20/2017

64) President Trump signs S. 544, The Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act,into law.

65) Directed a 30-day study by the Pentagon to recommend a strategy to destroy ISIS; Directed a Pentagon review of readiness of military forces, also on a tight deadline;While the USA and Russia signed the non-proliferation treaty in 2010 under President Obama, neither China nor Iran participated. Their proliferation, if possible, is ongoing. Not only that, we told the world how many nuclear weapons are in our arsenal.

“We think it is in our national security interest to be as transparent as we can be about the nuclear program of the United States,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters at the United Nations, where she addressed a conference on containing the spread of atomic weapons. The U.S. has previously regarded such details as top secret.

66) Prisoners´ family: Trump ´personally´engaged Egypt to save aid workers. Obama chose to do nothing.

67) Trump will donate profits from foreign governments to U.S. Treasury

68) We already know that Donald Trump will give all of his salary as President to charity. His first quarter’s pay went to our National Park Services.

68) After State Department Snub, Senators Look to ‘Other Means’ to Investigate Tax Dollars Propping Up Soros Work

•69) 2nd doctor, wife arrested in genital mutilation case
Federal agents Friday arrested a second doctor in connection with the nation’s first genital mutilation case, sources told The Detroit News. The complaint solves a mystery stemming from the case by pinpointing where Nagarwala allegedly mutilated two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota earlier this year while performing a controversial, illegal procedure. The complaint also describes a widening conspiracy involving at least Nagarwala, Attar and his wife — all three are members of an insular sect of Muslims based out of a Farmington Hills mosque.

70) Read the press briefing on the President’s Executive Order Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity

71) After moving last month against Barack Obama’s efforts to limit fossil fuel exploration and combat climate change, President Trump will complete his effort to overturn environmental policy this week, signing two executive orders to expand offshore drilling and roll back conservation on public lands.

72) On Wednesday, Mr. Trump will sign an executive order directing his interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, to review national monuments designated by previous presidents under the Antiquities Act of 1906, aiming to roll back the borders of protected lands and open them to drilling, mining and logging.

73) The president is then expected to follow up on Friday with another executive order aimed at opening up protected waters in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to offshore drilling. The order would direct Mr. Zinke to revisit an Obama administration plan that would have put those waters off limits to drilling through 2022.

74) Friday’s order is also expected to call for the lifting of a permanent ban on drilling in an area including many of those same waters — a measure Mr. Obama issued in December 2016 in a last-ditch effort to protect his environmental legacy from his drilling-enthusiast successor.

75) Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion (Billion!) In Errors During Audit Of HUD.

76) Donald Trump Issuing Executive Order Returning Education To Local Control


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