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President Trump’s First 100 days – Part I


In the order in which Trump’s actions appeared in the news, I have listed headlines about his accomplishments and those of his Administration. President Trump’s first 100 days have been most productive. Most of these directives and actions would never have happened under Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. While many on the Left promote the idea that all he does is play golf, he is actually a workaholic, and he takes his work to the golf course to make closer connections and work the deals while he golfs. EVEN I AM STUNNED AT WHAT ALL HAS BEEN DONE. MAYBE WE SHOULD KEEP IT QUIET! If you wish to read the details, just copy and paste the headline or sentence into you search bar for access.

1) ISIS hammered as US drops biggest non-nuclear weapon ever: 21,000lb bomb is used in anger for the first time to obliterate jihadists’ caves in Afghanistan [The MOAB – the Mother of all Bombs. Afghans celebrate and thank President Trump, and even ask for more]

2) Top Secret´ State Dep´t Employee Charged With Concealing Contacts With Chinese Agents

3) Trump Gives States The Okay To Defund Planned Parenthood

4) Pruitt ends EPA gym memberships

5) More Winning: NATO Chief–Allied Spending Up $10 Billion Because of Trump

6) Colorado ends plans for pot clubs over Trump uncertainty

7) Detroit physician charged with mutilating girls’ genitalia

8) Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force

9) Fast and Furious scandal: Suspected triggerman in border agent’s murder arrested

10) VA just launched a website to track medical wait times

11) Xi tells Trump China will work for peaceful solution to North Korea

12) China buys more U.S. coal, – sends North Korea packing

13) Sessions: ‘The border is not open. Please don’t come’

14) Keystone Pipeline Could Yield Taxpayers $44 Million A Day

15) Trump Says No More, Issuing Order to TERMINATE Obama’s Off-Shore Drilling Bans

16) Maryland lawmakers withdraw ‘sanctuary state’ bill that challenged Trump’s immigration policy

17) Mulvaney Set To Tell Agencies To Prep For Substantial Cuts

18) Arrests of illegal criminals jumps 250% in one week

19) Gorsuch confirmed: Why our new justice may be even better than Scalia

20) Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion (Billion!) In Errors During Audit Of Obama HUD

21) Nikki Haley Stares Down Russian Ambassador and Asks a Question That Makes UN Go Silent

22) Trump Boom! 263K New Private Sector Jobs in March, Beats 185K Estimate (Video)

23) Trump administration revokes Obama-era directive blocking controversial water project

24) Jeff Sessions Presses Shift at Justice Department
Move to review pacts with local police marks change in emphasis from civil rights to law and order

25) Justice Department warns companies not to discriminate against US workers

26) Sessions orders review of Ferguson-style police reform deals

27) Trump Has Repealed These 7 Pieces Of Obama’s Environmental Legacy


29) President Trump Signs Four House Bills Reversing Obama-era Regulations…

30) GREAT AGAIN: FORD to announce investment in 3 Michigan plants…

31) Kushner to lead White House innovation office: report

32) Trump Allegedly Handed Merkel A $370 Billion Bill For NATO

33) Rex Tillerson Implements Social Media Vetting For Visa Applicants Who Spent Time In ISIS Controlled Areas

34) Justice Department: Man convicted in Brooklyn Bridge terror plot should lose U.S. citizenship

35) New Medicaid chief says recipients should get jobs, pay premiums

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