Pelosi And The Left Have A Meltdown Over Gorsuch Confirmation… Good Times!

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Let the good times roll!  President Trump just fulfilled another campaign promise – to nominate and appoint an “originalist” and pro-life justice to the Supreme Court to fill the vacated seat of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The left is having a meltdown.

The newly confirmed Justice Neil Gorusch will play a vital role in any tie-breakng cases for conservatives. Gorsuch attended Harvard Law School, as well as Columbia and Oxford, and clerked for Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court. Most conservatives will say, Gorsuch is the right man, for the right job, at the right time.

As I said just a few days ago, it was a the battle of the senior members of the Senate: Sen. Mitch McConnell vs Sen. John McCain.  McConnell said when it came down to confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, “the nuclear option helped the Senate”. Sen. John McCain said prior to the nuclear option being invoked – “those that would use the nuclear option were idiots”.  Senator McCain accused Sen. Mitchell of being an idiot because the nuclear option was invoked.

Looks like for the liberals…the nuclear option came back to bite them in the behind.

H/T I Have The Truth:

Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed today to the Supreme Court via the Nuclear Option. Good times. As constitutional conservatives and originalists celebrated a momentous event, the Left had a meltdown. So we get a twofer today. I can’t stop smiling!!!

The Left asked… no begged… for this. Harry Reid started the ball rolling on the Nuclear Option in 2013. Now it has bitten them big time and guess what? It will be used again. There will be at least one more Supreme Court Justice to choose this summer as either Kennedy or Ginsberg may look to retire. Maybe even both.

The High Court is about to go conservative for decades to come. I feel a “Snoopy dance” coming on. And Nancy Pelosi? Why she’s screeching and pulling her hair out, which I find hysterical. Nominating Gorsuch was a brilliant move by Trump and exactly what he promised. All the threats from Chuck-you Schumer and Pelosi meant absolutely nothing. Their attempts at extortion were feeble and pathetic. The Supreme Court was THE issue that made me lean towards Trump at all, and I have been pleasantly surprised over the results.

From Chicks On The Right:

I usually don’t go in for the schadenfreude side of politics. I couldn’t tell you why – it’s just not that appealing to me.

But for some reason, the fact that Neil Gorsuch was just confirmed to the Supreme Court and given how much the Democrats and their leftist minions tried to stop it (and how Harry Reid changing the Senate precedent in 2013 in order to bypass a filibuster actually worked in our favor) – these particular leftist tears are utterly delicious to me.

(And the fact that the future of the Supreme Court was one of the very few reasons I had to even think about being on board the Trump Train when he was elected – well, that might have something to do with it as well. As many misgivings as I had about Trump during the election, his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS outweighs a lot of that. And I’ve had little substantial reason to be upset at him otherwise).

The Left is in full “freakout” mode over Gorsuch. The howling is epic. I’m loving it. In fact, Gorsuch will start ruling on cases right away. I understand he is to the right of Scalia and to the left of Thomas. I’ll take it! Gorsuch is a constitutional originalist… conservatives have waited a long time for just such a Justice to sit on the High Court.

These fruitcakes have no idea what the Constitution really entails. They are just pi**ed. Good. Rant away liberal lunatics. We finally have conservatives moving into the Supreme Court once again who will follow the law and the Constitution. Not Marxism.

Here’s how Pelosi and other lunatic liberals on Twitter responded to the swearing in of Neil Gorsuch as the 113th Supreme Court Justice:

Senate Republicans resorted to extreme tactics in order to install a radical justice to the Supreme Court.

Replying to

How the hell did this woman get elected to office for any length of time?!

The majority of Californians voted for her, which is how democracy works

The majority of Californians also voted for Hillary Clinton, but Trump won 304-227. That’s also how a democracy works.

The majority of her district voted for her please don’t lump the rest of us in with that women

Replying to

Extreme like FDR’s maneuvers? “Radical” like Sotomayor? Explain how this is any different than decades of court manipulation.

Replying to

Filibuster was childish!U all should be ashamed! He rules by the law. If U don’t like the laws, it’s Ur jobs to change.Don’t deserve recess!

Congress-the only job where you make big $$ to do nothing, act like cry babies then go on recess. with real people?

Apr 7

Here’s how others responded on Twitter as well:

Replying to

It’s already been there. He’s been sitting on it through the whole thing.

Replying to

is it the same place you have your head most of the time?

Replying to

Snowflake, you can thank Senator Harry Reid for Reids Rule on voting. You Dems loved him and his ways.

Replying to

Better tell Harry Reid where he can stick his first then

Replying to

It is according to Harry Reid and your girl Liz Warren. “Elections have consequences” I believe a quote from 44.

Amen! Elections DO have consequences.

Hillary LIED! People DIED! Trump was elected President! The American people wanted someone that was willing to “Drain The Swamp” and “Make America Great Again”. Most importantly Conservatives wanted an “originalist” and a pro-life Supreme Court justice and that’s one promise Trump made on his campaign trail and President Trump kept.

So to all the liberal lunatics like Nancy Pelosi and all her liberal crybaby supporters, why don’t you just take your Play Dough and crayons and go off to your ‘safe space’? The adults are in charge now.

It’s a celebration….!!! We are going to celebrate and have a good time! It’s time to come together!!!! Celebration times come on! It’s a celebration!! There’s a party going on right here….a dedication to last throughout the years….Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!


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