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NSA Whistleblower Just Admitted Trump Was Surveilled


On a Tucker Carlson segment of Fox News a former NSA whistleblower made a shoNSA Whistleblower Just Admitted Trump Was Surveilledcking allegation when he said the NSA did likely spy on and surveil President Trump. He also alleged that the President, Congress, Senate, and the Supreme Court were all likely surveilled for their phone calls, emails, and credit cards. The whistleblower was former NSA employee Bill Binney.

Carlson said the following,

As I just said in my intro, you spent 30 years there, you’re not someone whose just speculating. You believe it’s entirely possible that the president was, in fact, spied on?”

Binney replied,

Yes, in fact, they’re taking in fundamentally the entire fiber network inside the United States and collecting all that data and storing it, in a program, they call it, it’s Stellar Wind is the name for their program. That’s the domestic collection of data on U.S. citizens. … everything we’re doing: phone calls, emails, and then financial transactions, credit cards, things like that—all of it.”

Inside NSA … they’re targeting and looking at all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress—both House and Senate—as well as the White House. And all of this data is there inside NSA at this small group, where they’re looking at it. And the idea is to see what people with power over you, what they think, what they think you should be doing, what they’re planning to do to you, your budget or whatever, so you can try to counteract it before it actually happens.”

While this does not prove the President was surveilled by President Obama during his election it certainly creates a reputation and history that would be hard to break. If they did it before why wouldn’t they do it again. And if such high profile politicians in the Supreme Court, Senate, and Congress aren’t immune to surveillance why would the President be?

Regardless of their attempts though the Trump campaign still won the election despite all the outside influences trying to make them fail..


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